Fresh Face Of Fall: ‘Outlaw’s Ellen Woglom

Ellen Woglom (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Ellen Woglom (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

At the outset of each new TV season there are those faces which pop up on screen and elicit a familiar reaction: Who is this young, attractive person and why have I never seen him/her before? (Chances are you have seen said thesp, be it on a Burger King commercial or in bit parts elsewhere.) As the fall season approaches,  we’re bringing you our round-up of fresh faces packing the holy Hollywood trinity: looks, talent, and staying power.

Meet Ellen Woglom. If you’re a Hank Moody scholar, you’ll recognize her as Becca’s rebellious BFF (and daughter to “Dean Koons”) Chelsea, from the third season of ‘Californication.’ This fall, 23-year-old Woglom stars as Mereta, Justice Garza’s (Jimmy Smits) lovelorn clerk on NBC’s legal drama, ‘Outlaw.’  Now get to know her:

On Her First Acting Gig: No one really knows this but my first acting job was actually a movie called ‘Eddies Tree House’ that I did when I was probably 14. There was a guy in my town in Colorado who decided to make a movie and asked me to play the cheerleader. God I hope that never surfaces.”

What She Was Doing Before ‘Outlaw’: I was working on an indie in NYC about the 80’s-90’s punk music scene. So ‘Outlaw’ has definitely been a huge contrast to that. And pilot season… Dreaded pilot season.

How She Celebrated Landing The Role: You know I’m not sure I ever really got to celebrate? It all happened pretty last minute, [and] next thing I knew I woke up in Philadelphia shooting a legal drama. I did sort of get to celebrate after the pilot. It was my birthday and Coachella. Needless to say there was certainly some sort of ‘celebration’ in that.

Who She Called First With The News: My mom. I always call my mom first.

Her Most Bizarre Audition Ritual: I do this weird thing where I buy a $1 scratch ticket hoping to lose so that all my good luck will go towards the audition. I know, so weird.

Who She’s Often Compared To: It always changes. Rarely do I get the same person, but most recently Claudette Colbert. I’ll take it.

The One Part She Wanted But Didn’t Get: There are so many. At one point my manager had to scold me for thinking I’d never work again. Everything works out as it should, and I’m really glad now that I didn’t get some of those roles so I could do ‘Outlaw.’ I truly believe everything thus far has worked out as it should so there’s nothing I’m still bitter about. I’ve been really lucky.

Her Worst Audition Experience Ever: I feel like every audition is a horror story – auditioning is brutal. One that always comes to mind was when I auditioned for a series I did called ‘Viva Laughlin.’ It was a musical and I had to sing . I am NOT a singer, in fact I’m pretty tone deft, and have a huge phobia of singing. I didn’t know the lyrics they gave us were an actual song so when the casting director popped in a cod and said ‘hit it,’ I totally panicked and said I couldn’t sing and left. I was still on the lot and called my mom in tears saying I should just quit when I got a call from my manager saying they wanted me to come back to test. Which only made me cry more because I was petrified to have to go back and sing again. I don’t think I ever got through the song but somehow I managed to get the part… It was like a sick joke.

The Three Adjectives That Best Describe Mereta: Emotional, dedicated, and a hopeless romantic. But underneath all the insecurity I have to also say she’s incredibly smart, capable and dedicated to her job.

Preview Woglom in ‘Outlaw’:

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