Kim Kardashian Clears Up Justin Bieber Controversy on ‘Leno’

Kim Kardashian stopped by ‘The Tonight Show’ last night to chat up Jay Leno about various topics, including the recent kerfuffle about her recent Elle Magazine photo shoot with Justin Bieber, inspired by The Graduate.

Looking uncharacteristically frumpy in a weird dress with mismatched colors that made it look half-denim, Kim cleared up any sense of creepiness about the shoot with the 16-year-old helmet-haired singer.

“It was a professional relationship,” she said, to which Leno joked that that sounded sleazy. “A professional shoot is what I meant to say. Someone asked me would I date Justin Bieber, and I said ‘He’s not legal. If he was legal.’ So then they took it like, ‘Well, if he’s 18, I would date him.’ No, I’m almost 30, this is illegal, this is disgusting. No. He’s a cute kid and that’s it.”

As for the implications of the shoot? “We’re actors. We’re all professional here. For the record, I’m not dating Justin Bieber and I would not date Justin Bieber.”

Earlier in the interview, Leno asked her about her singing at the Emmys with Jimmy Fallon, and she said she had no plans for an album. (All together now: Whew!)

“I can’t even listen to myself. I don’t like to hear myself back. I don’t like the sound of my voice. Even if I’m watching our show, I don’t like to hear my voice. It’s like a kid’s voice,” she complained. “Thank god that it was just like a little quick line, and it was a joke, so even if I sounded awful, it wouldn’t really matter.” When asked if she was nervous about it, she said “Ironically, I wasn’t. I thought I would be, but I was getting all these tweets afterwards like ‘oh my god, when is your album coming out? You sound so amazing!’ No.”

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They also discussed how Kim has managed to avoid the pitfalls of other young party-crowd socialites like Paris Hilton, once she said she and Kelly Osbourne decided they were too tired to do the whole Emmy party circuit and went home at 10 pm. “I’ve never been a drinker. I’ve never gotten really – well, not ‘really,’ I’ve never gotten into drugs. You know, I think I have such a close family. My sisters do enough drinking to fill up the whole family. From a young age, my dad made it very clear that ‘okay, you’re the responsible one and you have to watch your sister.’ I always felt this sense of pride that he had in me that I was the responsible one, so I always wanted to make him proud. And I just hate the taste of alcohol.”

That’s not to say she won’t ever drink. “But I said, at 30, I’m going to at least have a drink to lighten up, because my sisters say I’m so boring. I tried a white Russian a few months ago. I’m not an alcoholic, but if I have one, it tastes like chocolate milk and it’s kind of amazing.”

Later, when she announced she was the new spokesperson for Fusion beauty products, Leno brought down buff comedian Carrot Top as the subject for all of her make-up demonstrations. You just have to watch that for yourself.

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