‘Plain Jane’ Host Teases Nutty Finale, Names Emmys’ Best-Dressed Star

'Plain Jane' host Louise Roe (The CW)

'Plain Jane' host Louise Roe (The CW)

This Wednesday at 9/8c, The CW’s ‘Plain Jane’ “transformation”/dating series wraps up its summertime run, and host Louise Roe promises an installment that is “more action-packed than ever!”

Fancast invited the Brit beauty to preview the season finale, share her take on Sunday’s Emmy fashions (including her pick for best-dressed), and reveal the gender-bending twists she’d love to bring to ‘Plain Jane’ down the road.

Before we talk about the ‘Plain Jane’ finale, I wanted to get your take on Emmy fashions. Did you see any big trends, for better or worse?
There was a lot of Grecian actually. Kim Kardashian had this beautiful white dress with embellishments on the neckline. She was my best-dressed. And I thought January Jones (‘Mad Men’) looked amazing – she always goes for something off-the-wall and a bit daring.

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I’m surprised the Grecian thing is still around – I mean, I’m a guy and I’m noticing that, for heaven’s sake!
It’s totally true. The red carpet is funny because not a lot of risks are taken, the same trends get wheeled around – the one- shoulder, the one sleeve…. It’s all variations on the same thing.

Within the entertainment industry, is there anyone you consider an unsung beauty? Someone whose attractiveness doesn’t get enough ink?
Lake Bell (‘Surface’) is really stunning. She reminds me of Ali McGraw, with those thick, low eyebrows. And she barely ever wears any makeup. To me, that’s a beautiful kind of elegance.

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So, what’s on tap for the ‘Plain Jane’ finale? Any big twists?
We went nuts, actually! We wanted it to be amazing. The date is just ridiculous – the way she arrives, it’s a bit of a Cinderella feel. I also got on with her so well, and that comes across. We had some real giggles!

Obviously we’ve seen how the girls’ lives have changed. But how are you the better for this experience?
It was definitely the most rewarding job I’ve ever done. I got messages from all the girls afterward, telling me how they’ve changed and what happened since, and that meant a lot to me. It was my priority that this was for real, that it wasn’t just another reality show where you don’t buy it as a viewer. I wanted this show to affect people’s lives. It was emotional for me to see them go through all these things.

Unlike most reality shows that are about tearing people down, this one was actually about building them up.
Yes…. When people only see a clip [featuring Roe’s critiques], they Tweet me, “That’s so mean.” Really? Because if you watch the whole episode, it’s quite the opposite. But to build people up, sometimes you do have to take away layers.

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Do you have any new ideas to bring to the table for a possible Season 2?
Well, I’d love to go on tour and really get into deepest, darkest Middle America! We’d find some absolute gems if we went all over the states. Also, I do have ambitions to do ‘Plain Joe’ and ‘Plain Gay’ down the road – I think that’d be brilliant.

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