‘Bachelor Pad’ Exit Interview: Krisily Says She’s All Class

When Krisily (Hear-Me-Roar!) Kennedy got ousted from the ‘Bachelor Pad,’ she left with some choice words for her housemates and a slightly bruised ego heart from her manly man crush on Dave Good.

In a conference call with reporters, the outspoken 30-year-old revealed how she feels about Dave and his “not classy” comment about her, who she thinks is playing the game right, and what she really thinks about Elizabeth’s boob job.

On who’s the best player in the house:
I think probably the person that I respected the most in the game and I think has played it the best was Peyton. She kind of sat back and she made her friendships but she wasn’t too outspoken.  She hasn’t kind of been shady or sneaky about anything. And I just all around think that she is a really good person. Like she’s someone that I will 100 percent be friends with outside of the house.

On whether she still has the hots for Dave:
No, no, no, no. Dave is a great guy. I definitely lost interest in Dave after seeing the fantasy suite with Natalie episode.

On whether she thinks Dave and Natalie will last:
I don’t. I do like Natalie—she is a free-spirit and she doesn’t really care what people think which I think is great because I’m like that myself. I just wouldn’t put myself in situations that she does.  So I don’t necessarily foresee that relationship being anything too long term.

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On the survey questions we never got to hear about:
You know the questions were all pretty much, I mean they’re kind of demeaning. They were all pretty much on the level of what you guys thought…going after things that you know people are self-conscious about or that you would never really say in somebody’s face, things like that.  They were hard.

We weren’t allowed to talk about the questions obviously until after the competition because we didn’t know what the questions were about. And after the competition I didn’t really talk to many people about the competition. I felt like it was something that people were all kind of talking about each other behind their backs. I think it brought a lot to head. I think a lot of people realized that day that this is a game and people were going to do and say what they had to.

On Elizabeth’s ‘bad boob job’ and Gwen being ‘dumb’:
I think as a group if you have to pinpoint something, you just pick someone you know that has a boob job. There were many of them in the house. It’s not like any of us hid them. It’s just you had to pick for somebody. And I think Elizabeth got chosen for that because she was so vocal how unhappy she was with hers. So I don’t think anyone really thought that she had a bad boob job. I think that everyone knew she felt she did, so it was an easy topic to just kind of touch on.

Just like with Gwen, Gwen’s not a dumb person. She just didn’t open up or vocalize to us a lot of other things in the house the way everyone else did, so she was perceived a certain way. I think unfortunately when you have to say something bad about somebody it’s just the first person that pops into your head.

I was really surprised the Tenley won that competition though because for the person that cried before she even filled it out, she had every answer on point, which really surprised us all.

On any big surprises:
After my exit, for Dave to say that I left him—and I don’t remember his wording—but basically it was like my exit wasn’t classy. And that kind of surprised me a little bit. I mean they all know me, and they all know that I am a woman of my word, and I will say how I feel and not think twice about it. So I don’t think having an opinion and giving it makes me not classy or whatever wording he used.

On what’s next for her:
You know I have no idea what’s next for me. This has been so much fun, and I love the ABC Bachelor family. They’ve been really great to me, and I mean it’s definitely opening some doors.  I used to do a lot of hosting work back on the east coast. I’d love to do ‘Dancing With the Stars’—have they ever looked for me? But you know I love being on TV. I love people commenting on my life, and I love kind of being that open book for people. So I don’t know what’s next, but I’m really excited to find out.

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