‘Brothers & Sisters’ Season 5 Preview: Nora’s New Job! Kitty’s New Man?

Calista Flockhart on Brothers and Sisters (ABC)

Calista Flockhart on Brothers and Sisters (ABC)

ABC’s ‘Brothers & Sisters‘ is the latest television series to jump forward in time.

The September 26 season premiere of the family drama will pick up the Walker family a year after the devastating car crash that ended last May’s season finale.  With two of the show’s stars, Rob Lowe (Robert) and Emily VanCamp (Rebecca), leaving the series, and adding in the demise of Ojai foods, every character on the show will be going through major changes.  Showrunner David Marshall Grant previewed the very different post-car crash ‘Brothers and Sisters.’

Time Walkers: “I made the decision [to leap forward a year] so that we could live in a different place with these characters. We ended the season last year with a big cliffhanger, a huge incident for the Walkers, so I think the premiere episode is going to be about paying honor to that and to acknowledging what happened and telling the audience what happened, how it happened, what this year has been like for the Walkers, to see them make peace with that and, of course, at the same time see how they’re moving on in new and different ways.  This season pretty much all the characters are going to be in different places in their lives. It’s a really new tapestry for them, and we did that deliberately.  We felt it was going to be a good time after that multi-car pile up to see what else there is for them.”

The Goodbye Girl: “Emily [VanCamp, Rebecca] has been on the show for a long time and she talked to me about a lot of her career opportunities.  You work all year when you do a television series, and she was anxious to stretch her wings.  We didn’t feel it was our place to stand in her way.  We all agreed that if it was going to happen, we really wanted to set her off in a way that was fitting to who she has been on our show, to acknowledge her relationship with Justin, to acknowledge her relationship with her mother, to try to create a conclusion and resolution for all of that.   We did a two-episode arc for her that was all about her relationship with Justin and coming to terms with it, and likewise her relationship with her Mom.”

Kitty Moves On: “Kitty is facing a life without Robert.  In the beginning, she’s going to move out to Ojai and try to sort out who she is now without him.  That journey of discovery for Kitty is going to bring her to places that are unexpected and relationships that are unexpected.  We’re doing a [romantic] arc right now with her with a great actor named Jeremy Davidson (‘Army Wives’).  Kitty is in a process of great transformation when we pick her up, and there is a great uncertainty about where the future lies for her, who she is now.  It’s not a Kitty that we have seen so much.  It’s a Kitty trying to reinvent herself.”

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Nora’s New Career… And New Love?: “Nora’s working at a florist when we pick up.  For Nora to be out of the house and start working is a major thing.  We’re going to explore what it’s like for a woman whose never worked before to suddenly find herself with not only a job but a career.  Through fun circumstances, Nora’s discovered by a talk radio producer.  She ends up hosting a show on AM radio called Ask Mom.  Nora gets to parlay all her mothering skills not just to her family but to the world at large.  Nora is also finally admitting that she really wants a man in her life.  She had a lot of relationships over the years but there’s always something that hasn’t worked out with them and usually that’s come from her so this year we’re really exploring what it’s like for a 63-year-old woman to actually really want love again.”

For Sarah and Luc, No Happily Ever After?: “Sarah is dealing with what she’s going to do with that land that they discovered that’s worth a lot of money. Ojai Foods is gone so the world is a new place for her as a business woman.  She’s also living with Luc now and her daughter Paige, who’s a living, breathing ‘tween.  There’s a lot of push-back from Paige.  Sarah’s trying to navigate this whole new family.”

Saul’s New Positive Thinking: Knowing that he is HIV-positive, “Saul is really having to face exactly who he is in every way, shape and form. We’ve introduced a character named Charlie (played by ‘7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins) that hopefully might be the man for him.  Saul meanwhile is trying to [make] peace with his past.  Clearly decisions were made that weren’t the best for him.  How does a man of his age and his situation find peace, and maybe the love that he’s never really had.”

Kevin and Scotty’s New Parent Trap: “Kevin and Scotty were again disappointed by surrogacy so we are really looking forward to a story about foster adopting.  We have introduced a character named Mateo who Kevin meets as a lawyer.  Whether or not he is their foster child, we don’t know, but I think they’re going to move in that direction.”

Lastly, Some Things Never Change: The Walkers Are Still TV’s Hardest Drinking Family: “They’re going to get drunk in the first scene,” Grant promises.

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