Deep Soap: GH’s Steve Burton: Jason Has To Protect Brenda

Steve Burton (ABC)

Steve Burton (ABC)

Steve Burton plays Jason Quartermaine, the hit man who always seems to save the day on ‘General Hospital.’   The funny, outgoing Burton is the opposite of the humorless, taciturn Jason.   Burton revealed why Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) will turn Jason’s life upside down, why he’d like more scenes with the Quartermaine family and the true nature of Jason and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) relationship.

Jason is still technically married to Brenda.  When are they going to meet?
I think it was annulled.  We’re still trying to figure that out because it was so long ago and I don’t really have a good memory.  The director of Brenda’s charity calls me because she’s in trouble.  I have to fly to Rome to protect and serve Brenda, unfortunately for Jason.

Are they still going to have the sparring dynamic they’ve had in the past?
Yes.  As soon as I walk in the door, we go right back to eight years ago immediately, where we really don’t like each other and want to be around each other but we have to be.

When will viewers first see them together?
I think September 13th.

How does being back in Brenda’s orbit affect Jason’s relationship with Sam?
It’s going to make my life a nightmare, quite frankly. Jason really doesn’t have much of a life but I don’t want to be in the same room with Brenda and Carly (Laura Wright) in particular.  Once those two get together I’m in big trouble.

Is Carly headed to Rome, too?
Let’s hope not.  Let’s hope for all the Italian people that she stays in Port Charles.  We do not need Carly in Rome at all.  She stays in Port Charles and I bring Brenda back to protect her from the guy who’s after her.

A Russian mobster is after her.  Does this mean that Russians will be joining the other mobsters of varying ethnicities who are in Port Charles?
The International Mobster Association will meet in Port Charles.  Actually, I take care of a few of them in Rome.  We have yet to see any of them milling about Port Charles.  I’m sure they’re coming, and I’ll be waiting for them.

What is the actual story going to be?  Rumor is Brenda has a big secret.
The big secret is the Balkan is after her.  We don’t know why.  I need to bring her back to Port Charles to protect her from this guy because he’s not even trying to kill her but hurt her, disfigure her.  People always ask, ‘Why would Jason go if he doesn’t like Brenda?’ Well, you know the history with Brenda and Sonny and Jason.  Someone’s really trying to hurt this person.  He would go in a heartbeat.  While she’s in Rome, she gets drugged.  So I feel like the best thing for her is to come back to Port Charles where I can keep her safe and bring the guys to my home turf.

Does Sonny going on the run impact Jason’s position in the mob?
I think everybody knows that Jason runs everything.  He’s just letting Sonny do whatever he wants. I think it’s part of Sonny’s retirement package, where I’m kind of the man behind the curtain.  He’s just kind of the face of the organization.  He actually comes back to Port Charles because he doesn’t want to leave his kids, which is very nice since he has 20 kids.

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Jason is Michael’s (Chad Duell) surrogate father.  Is there going to be a bigger storyline about Michael’s emotional trauma from when he was in prison?
I think where you’re going to see the effect of it is when he is actually trying to have a relationship with a girl.  There’s a girl on the show, [Ally], who’s going to actually show some interest in Michael and he’s having a hard time dealing with that because of what happened in prison.  I guess the intimacy and people basically physically touching him.  He snaps quite a bit.  He’s still trying to work through that stuff.

Which of the women in Jason’s life is truly his soulmate?
Obviously, he’s with Sam (Kelly Monaco).  He loves Sam. He’ll always be there for Carly no matter what happens, as much of a headache as she is.  Brenda’s an interesting dynamic too, because it’s kind of a like-hate relationship.  Ninety nine percent of the time they hate each other and then one percent of the time they actually have a moment of liking [each other] and then they go back to hating each other.  It makes a good dynamic for us as actors and actresses to constantly have to play that stuff.

A lot of fans want to see Jason and Brenda become romantic.  Is there a chance that will happen?
You never know what could happen when Brenda’s back because she’s finally back.

Some viewers think that Jason is written as too much of a hero given his profession.  What do you think?
Obviously what he does for an occupation probably isn’t the most enviable position to have but you see that Jason’s a real person who cares about people and takes care of people.  Despite what he does, I think deep down he wants to love and protect everybody that’s around him. I wouldn’t say he’s really a bad guy, just maybe a little misunderstood.  I only kill people. What’s the problem?

Is Jason ever going to get close to the Quartermaines again?
Are there any left?

Brooklyn who? I don’t even know who Brooklyn is.  I mean, I do but I never have really met her. I’d like to have more scenes with my Mom [Monica, Leslie Charleson]. Remember her?  And Edward (John Ingle), too.  I’d love to work with them again.  I’m a Quartermaine at heart.  That’s how I came on the show. I love the history of it.  I love that family.

What’s this fall going to be like for Jason?
My life’s pretty exciting on the show.  I’ve got Spinelli.  Now Brenda’s living with me.  Sam might be moving in.  So it’s going to be quite a full house.  I take care of Sonny.  I’m his housekeeper and his manny so I take care of all of his kids.  But it’s okay because it’s a good job to have.  Things are going pretty good right now.  It’s exciting to have Vanessa back. She brings a great dynamic to the show.  The story’s going to be good.

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