Demi Lovato Dishes On ‘Camp Rock 2’ And Real-Life Love Lessons Learned

Demi Lovato with Joe Jonas in 'Camp Rock 2,' premiering Friday. Sept. 3, on Disney Channel

Demi Lovato with Joe Jonas in 'Camp Rock 2,' premiering Friday. Sept. 3, on Disney Channel

This Friday at 8/7c, Disney Channel rocks again with ‘Camp Rock 2,’ a rousing, song-and-dance-filled follow-up to the massively successful 2008 TV-movie that kicked into high gear the careers of Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers.

For Lovato, the years since she filmed the first ‘Camp Rock’ have been highly formative ones.

“What’s changed for me is now I have a TV show (Disney’s ‘Sonny With A Chance‘) and my life is, like, crazy,” she shares, reflecting on her wild recent ride. “And now there are tabloids and things like that you have to watch out for.”

“I’ve learned a lot,” she adds – and you believe her.

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Lovato and Joe Jonas, having first met during the original ‘Camp Rock’ (where they played potential lovebirds Mitchie and Shane), went on to pursue an off-screen romance as well, much to the squealing delight of their overlapping fan bases. When that relationship came to an end this spring, it thrust the twosome into new kinds of tabloid headlines.

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Given the glossies’ coverage of her romance’s peaks, valleys and ultimate end, Lovato plans to play things closer to the vest the next time she finds love.

“I learned that if I’m go to have a relationship, I’m not go to tell anyone. It’s so much easier to keep your life private,” she says. “Even though you want your fans to know how much you love someone, it causes way too much trouble.”

“Not doing that again!” she declares with a winsome chuckle.

Watch a sneak peek of ‘Camp Rock 2,’ then read on for more from Demi:

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What Lovato is doing is seizing all kinds of opportunities that come her way. For example, in addition to starring in ‘Sonny With A Chance’ and pulling off a hit concert tour, she somehow also found time this year for a gripping ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ guest-star turn as a girl fraught with what appeared to be schizophrenia.

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“I had a difficult time figuring that out, but it was fun,” she says of her first high-drama acting gig. “It was a great challenge for me.”

And despite having a dance card that is guaranteed to stay busy for the foreseeable future, Lovato is game to ‘Camp Rock’ again if Disney comes calling. “I’d love to do a third one,” she avows.

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How does Lovato keep her head straight amid such a bustling schedule, while some of her peers succumb to hard-partying, R-rated lifestyles? The actress-singer, who just turned 18, credits “really great friends” and her family for keeping her grounded.

“Just take it one day at a time,” she says is her philosophy on being an in-demand teen talent. “The harder you work now, the more relaxing of a future you’ll have. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

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