Dina Manzo on Danielle Staub: A ‘Line Was Crossed’

Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' (Photo: Bravo)

Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' (Photo: Bravo)

While 3.9 million mouths gaped in horror (and feverish excitement) at the WWE event that was the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ reunion last Monday, ex-castmate Dina Manzo essentially flipped it off.

“I watched half,” Manzo tells People. “I got annoyed and turned it off.”

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And we know why—well kinda. Apparently, the teal-eyed Catholic-Buddhist wasn’t happy when dark horse Danielle Staub brought up the uber-sensitive topic of her daughter Lexi. (Recently, Manzo has accused Staub of trying to interfere with her and her ex-husband’s co-parenting relationship.) On the reunion show, the other Housewives intimated ole Danny girl used legal means to put a gag order on their beloved sister and friend.

“I just wish my name didn’t come up and, of course, that my daughter didn’t come up,” says the 38-year-old who declined to take part in the reunion. “It’s all bull—t and there’s a line between life and entertainment, and I think the line was crossed.”

So now that Manzo is totally dunzo with all that negative energy, what’s filling her life these days? Aside from focusing on her non-profit for children with cancer called Project Ladybug, she’s enjoying real life which, according to her, involves “food shopping, cleaning and taking my daughter to tennis.”

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