Oops! Martha Stewart Wrongly Puts Barbara Walters Out To Pasture

Martha Stewart and Barbara Walters (NBC/ABC)

Martha Stewart and Barbara Walters (NBC/ABC)

File this under “Not A Good Thing”: In the course of positioning herself as the next great celebrity interviewer, Martha Stewart mistakenly aimed a fork at the long career of the venerable (and powerful) Barbara Walters.

Martha! Martha! Martha! Hallmark Flips for Martha Stewart

“My favorite interviewers are Larry King [and] Barbara Walters, both of whom are kind of retiring,” Stewart said during a conference call promoting the Sept. 13 Hallmark Channel debut of her eponymous program. “Who’s going to take their place as the serious, great interviewer? I’m throwing my name in there, because I love to talk to people.”

Sure, just don’t book any sit-downs that will rely on, you know, facts. See, although King’s departure from CNN has been widely reported on, Walters only took time off from ‘The View’ to undergo and recuperate from heart surgery. She is due back at the ABC daytime talker in time for its September 7 season opener.

Walters: I’m Fully Recovered From Heart Surgery

Moving on…. As told by the New York Post, Stewart says she envisions herself one day gabbing with the “hottest, sexiest, young male movie stars,” “my favorite comedians” and “outstanding examples of success and intelligence” such as First Lady Michelle Obama.

Just don’t vote Barack out of office prematurely in the process, OK, Martha?

In the meantime, fans of the lifestyle icon can get a taste of her interviewing skills on September 19, when Hallmark airs up a primetime special in which Stewart jaws with the fashionable likes of Donna Karan and Tory Birch.

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