Users Speak: Did ‘DWTS’ Make A Casting Misstep?

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas (ABC)

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas (ABC)

Did you hear that sigh? That groan? That was you, our users, reacting to Monday’s highly-anticipated announcement of the cast for the new season of ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars‘: Bristol Palin, David Hasselhoff, Brandy, Audrina Patridge, Kurt Warner, Jennifer Grey, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Rick Fox, Michael Bolton, Kyle Massey, Margaret Cho, and Florence Henderson.

‘DWTS’ senior producer Deena Katz called season 11’s collection of actors, athletes and celebs her “dream team,” but most of you agreed with a user named Sherri, who said, “They need to rename the show, ‘Dancing with the D-Listers.'” Another user, Elaine, called this “a new low” and suggested one of the dances be the limbo. “How low can you go?” Ouch. Look, the show made changes last season, scored record ratings and some weeks even beat a flagging ‘American Idol,’ so they’re trying to repeat the magic again. Will they? Is this more magic? Well, we’re intrigued by Bristol Palin, though this casting is reminiscent of Kelly Osbourne, a ploy to get Sarah and Todd Palin in the audience (buy hey, we’re going to watch); and we’re looking forward to the pairing of Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough. Can they be considered early favorites? Or are we being sentimental? David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson should be fun to watch, too. But…are we wrong to be excited?

What do you think? Did ‘DWTS’ try too hard? Did they blow it? Did they get it right? Who would you have wanted to see? And who do you think is first out? Below, some of our favorite comments of the week:

PHOTOS: Meet The New ‘DWTS’ Cast

Bristol Palin? I don’t believe it. I think her mother is the one who should be on the show dancing. After all, she really is a great entertainer!!!!!!!! — Marlene

So what’s the big deal, why are people fussing about Bristol Palin. What made Melissa and Jake eligible or twinkle toes Kate? Grow up people. Every year there are people we don’t like. It is not suppose to be a popularity contest, it’s watching people dance and whether they improve week to week or not. It beats all the fake rehearsed so called reality crap out there! Just saying…………. — Lonna

Never thought I’d be nostalgic for Cloris Leachman This does free up two nights a week, though. — Carol

I am so surprised that so many comments are prejudged without even seeing the contestants dance. Every season, there are unknowns on the show and even controversial figures, however, every season the producers pull it together and through the stories and sometimes talented dancing, becomes very entertaining. I find the show a learning experience, because I myself like to dance. It is going to be interesting though, to see how the producers will pull this year together. I don’t see a lot of talent, but it may be hidden. I will keep an open mind. — Nancy

Should be hilarious! The word “Stars” is all wrong though, it should be Dancing with the Entertainers. Besides, in today’s TV and movie world, they shouldn’t use the term “stars”, but “comets” — now you see them, now you don’t! — Ho-hum

Jennifer Grey I think is the best one on the list. I can’t believe DWTS choose these people. Bristol Palin is not a star, your using the name (don’t like Mom, don’t like the name). I think you need to put an age limit on the show and also go back to having a cast w/NO dance experience/history. I won’t be watching this year and I’ve watched every season. Very disappointing. — Carol

What’s the difference between Bristol Palin and someone that was a “celebrity” because the were on a show like the Bachelor? I think the whole show is a snooze. I’d rather watch truly talented dancers like the ones on So You Think You Can Dance. — Jane

Everybody look for me in the first row, okay? (wink) — Sarah

See what the cast has to say about the new season:

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