‘Thintervention With Jackie Warner’ vs. ‘Losing It With Jillian’: And the Difference Is?

Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels (Bravo/NBC)

Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels (Bravo/NBC)

Starting this Monday get ready to take Jackie Warner very seriously. Because she definitely does, as indicated by the questionably low-rise biker shorts she’s been flaunting for her new Bravo weight-loss show ‘Losing It With Jackie’Thintervention’ (10pm ET). Unlike her previous show ‘Work Out’—which followed her career as a successful gym owner, her roller coaster girlfriend issues, and the the personal lives of her employees —’Thintervention’ focuses on Jackie’s mission to transform both the spiritual and physical lives of eight chubby clients, one of whom is former ‘Real’ Housewife of Orange County and Playboy Playmate Jeana Keough. Meow.

Well, considering the premise of the fitness guru’s new stint, our cleansed souls and svelte waistlines couldn’t help but feel a little bit of déjà vu as we immediately likened it to Jillian Michaels’ NBC spin-off ‘Losing It With Jillian,’ in which the fitness demon makes house calls to change the unhappy lives of out-of-shape families all across America.

Aside from the fact that Jackie doesn’t scream as much as her shorter counterpart, what exactly are the differences between the two shows? In a conference call with reporters last week, we aimed to get the skinny straight from the Horse’s Mouth on what makes her show unique and worth watching.

Here are some of Jackie’s points in quotes—and just for kicks, how we think Jillian would respond below:

Jackie’s Show: She’s the Executive Producer
“I am an executive producer on the show. I’m in the editing bay almost every day even to this point. And, you know, from the inception of the show and to even at this end game at this state, I’m creatively involved.”
Jillian’s Imaginary Response: “Roll the credits—ditto!”

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Jackie’s Show: It’s Not Just About Weight Loss
“I’m really interested in dealing with that whole person. And I want their life to be happier. I want their life to be more productive. I want them to have a better quality of living, better interactions, a stronger energy, self-esteem.”
Jillian’s Imaginary Response: “I ain’t driving cross-country and making house calls just so these folks could burn off a few packs of Ding-Dongs. Oh, and in case you missed the episode: I changed the attitude of an entire Apache tribe—bring it!”

Jackie’s Show: Based on Her Program for Losing Weight
“This show is very unique to others because I used my book ‘This Is Why You’re Fat,’ and that’s where the program came from.”
Jillian’s Imaginary Response: “Ever heard of JillianMichaels.com?”

Jackie’s Show: The Clients Are in Their Natural Environment
“They’re not sequestered. They’re really taking the tools that our team gives them and they have to apply them in their real lives. And that’s the challenge and that emotional upheaval that that can cause trying to get this pretty big weight loss goal in a short period of time.”
Jillian’s Imaginary Response: “Dude, I share Snuggies and watch TV in my freakin’ PJs in these folks’ living rooms…and then I sleep in Bobby’s old room. Capice?”

Jackie’s Show: Therapy
“We’re the only show that offers therapy, a real live therapy session, you know, group therapy.”
Jillian’s Imaginary Response: “Touche, Jackie. Touche. But when my clients look into my eyes and see my enraged flaring nostrils, they know I AM THEIR THERAPY, Woman!”

Now that you’ve been informed that ‘Thintervention’ is absolutely nothing like ‘Losing It With Jillian,’ will you be tuning in? We definitely will be, if not only to see if Jackie’s tacked on a hot rockin’ theme song like Jilly’s.

The season premiere of ‘Thintervention’ airs Monday at 10pm (ET) on Bravo.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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