The Big Tease: Scoop On Good Wife, V, CSI: NY, Bones and More!

'The Good Wife's Chris Noth, 'V's Charles Mesure and 'CSI: NY's Anna Belknap (CBS/ABC)

'The Good Wife's Chris Noth, 'V's Charles Mesure and 'CSI: NY's Anna Belknap (CBS/ABC)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Hey, Matt, I’ll take anything you’ve got on ‘The Good Wife‘! – Karen
Hey, Karen, you’re in luck, because Graham Phillips had lots to tease about Zach Florrick’s Season 2 storyline – namely that it will feature less teen sleuthing and “a bit more real action.” With pop Peter again running for office, “Zach is desperate to get involved in some way with his dad’s political career – and by the end, he does.” Graham also confirmed what The Big Tease shared back in June, that Zach’s ex-girlfriend Becca (played by Dreama Walker) “comes back, and she’s up to more mischief.”

What’s in store for Kyle Hobbes in ‘V‘s Season 2? – ripleyaeryn via Twitter
‘V’ exec producer Scott Rosenbaum tells The Big Tease that Hobbes (played by Charles Mesure) will resume his mercenary role within Erica’s team, but because of the deal he is forced to make with Visitor Marcus, “His alliance will be tested.” We’ll also learn about Sarah, the love of Hobbes’ life “whose disappearance sent him down his dark path,” Rosenbaum reveals. “[That] gives him a personal stake in the fight against the Vs, and we will see him at his most ruthless as he’s driven to take down the Visitors and reunite with Sarah.” Wait, what – Sarah’s alive? Paging Evangeline Lilly!

Please! Give us some scoops about ‘CSI: NY‘s Danny and Lindsay! – cposoares via Twitter
Exec producer Pam Veasey tells me that in addition to negotiating the Melina Kanakaredes/Sela Ward swap, the Friday, Sept. 24 season opener takes a look at “what Lindsay (Anna Belknap) is dealing with and going through” as the result of Shane Casey’s middle-of-the-night visit to the Messers’ nursery. “It speaks to Lindsay and who she’s become, and how valuable family is to her.” And Danny? “Obviously, he’s kind of shaken up by it,” Carmine Giovinazzo shares, “but he’s the rock for Lindsay right now. She’s the one that seems to need the support.”

‘CSI: NY’ Makes Transition With Little Hoopla and A ‘Genius’ Twist

Will we see familiar faces back on CSI: NY this season? For one, I hope to see Flack’s sister, Sam, again. – Clarisse
As would EP Pam Veasey. Alas, ever since Kathleen Munroe last guested as Sam, “She became a very hard-working actress,” Veasey explains. “We tried to bring her back in a recent episode, and couldn’t work out the schedule. But we will definitely try again.” P.S. Watch for my in-depth season premiere Q&A with Pam Veasey this Friday!

What have you heard about Daisy returning to ‘Bones‘? – Smurfs
She’s on hand for the Sept. 23 season premiere, have no fear. In fact, she brings rather humorous levity to the “guerillas” scene that Emily Deschanel referred to in this video Q&A. And then when Daisy and Sweets (attempt to) reconnect after the seven-month split? So much fun, I want these two to get their own spin-off.

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What did you think of the ‘Bones‘ premiere? I’m on the fence about this one. – Tanya
I was impressed by how angst-free it was, even as Bones and Booth came face to face after their seven-month separation. Instead, equal time was given to the Sweets/Daisy and Angela/Hodgins stories. Plus, I like how the workplace status quo has been altered just enough (right down to a dwindled number of squints) to freshen things up.

Any ‘Castle‘ scoop? Preferably something Castle/Beckett related, if you can. – xpenguin via Twitter
Monday’s season premiere revolves around a nifty twist: What if Castle repeatedly emerged as a person of interest in a series of murders, thus landing him Beckett’s non-flirty crosshairs? And while it’s cute to espy Kate’s bitterness over her “partner’s” summer hiatus, it’s just as fun to see Esposito and Ryan come off as scorned bromantic interests.

Did you ever watch the new pilot for The CW’s Hellcats(premiering Wednesday)?hellcatsfansite via Twitter
I popped it into the DVD player on Monday night and, compared to the incomplete, 32-minute “presentation” that got sent out in the spring, it was obviously better/richer. It fleshes out the canvas – namely ‘Boston Public’ alum Sharon Leal‘s storyline, which is always a good thing – with the addition of D.B. Woodside (’24’) and Jeff Hephner (‘Mercy’) as the Hellcats coach’s present and past love interests. I’ll be detailing my thoughts in a Fancast First Look preview piece, but at the very least the show falls into the “Guilty Pleasures” category.

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How is the ‘Life Unexpected‘ premiere? I really liked the first season, and was surprised and happy that it got a second. – EvolutionGirl via Twitter
My goodness, a lot happens in the September 14 season premiere. There’s plentiful reaction to Baze’s failed ‘Graduate’ moment, there’s a romantic road trip, a near-tragedy… and at least one canvas-tweaking twist that I did not see coming.

You tweeted this piece of Baze’s dialogue from the ‘Life Unexpected‘ premiere: “Cate, if I had gotten to the church earlier, it wouldn’t have mattered… right?” Tell me more! – PaulaEdgar via Twitter
OK – Cate’s response to that is three words.

Now that ‘Lie To Me‘s Gillian is finally done with Dr. Burns, can we see some good Gillian/Cal stuff? After all, Cal did say that he wanted Gillian “in the worst possible way.” – Hilla
Well, he sure has a funny way of showing it. Take the Season 3 episode that guest-stars Tricia Helfer (‘Battlestar Galactica’) as a woman who catches Cal’s eye. He whips out every trick in his book to capitalize on her “tells,” reel her in and make her putty in his hands – and practically right in front of Gill!

‘90210′ Exclusive: New Arrival Helps Form A Hot Triangle

Anything juicy coming up this season on ‘90210‘? – D.L.
A few episodes in, Navid will struggle to figure out from where it is he knows his pretty new locker neighbor. Oh, that’s right – she starred in one of the pornos his dad produced! Awk. Ward. (And we haven’t even gotten to the fact that she’s a high school junior; do the math.)

Do you have any scoop on there being another season of ‘Persons Unknown‘? The show was great, but it was supposed to “answer all questions” by the end of the season. Instead, the finale left us wondering. Will it be back? – Debbie
Nothing is “official,” but seeing as the two-hour finale only mustered 1.58 million viewers, I’m hearing that the chance for renewal is slim to none.

Any chance to see Dan and Blair together on ‘Gossip Girl‘? – Wahiba
Dan and Blair? She’s about the only female he doesn’t have a scene with in the first two episodes of the new season, which debuts Sept. 13. I mean, the guy’s already juggling a seemingly waylaid romance with Serena, a possible reunion with Vanessa and whatever fresh hell Georgina has planned for him. By the way, the moment in Episode 2 when those three stories converge? Priceless.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning TV questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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