Will ‘Colbert’ and ‘Daily Show’ Rally To Spoof Glenn Beck?

What started as a joke over on Reddit.com has gathered a lot of steam, and Stephen Colbert is now being lobbied to hold a satirical rally in Washington D.C. to counter Glenn Beck’s recent adventures – and there are signs the suggestion has taken root with both ‘The Colbert Report’ and ‘The Daily Show.’

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The proposed event would be called “Restoring Truthiness,” and Colbert mentioned it last night on the show. “I have been informed that there is a movement afoot on the internets to get me to hold my own rally,” he said. “As of today, 12:30, I became the number one search in the world on Google. Eat it, ‘Venus Williams US Open Outfit’ and ‘Rosh Hashanah!’ If that even is a word. It sounds like Miley Cyrus’ Jewish alter ego.”

Earlier in the evening, Jon Stewart opened ‘The Daily Show’ by promising to make a big announcement by the end of the show, which turned out to be a swipe at Beck’s penchant for overblown self-hype. “So let me announce,” he said, invoking his now-famous Beck impression, “I, Jon Stewart, am announcing that I will have an announcement some time in the near to not-so-near future. I don’t want to give away too much, but the announcement that I make may be the most important announcement in human history – equivalent to three or four Sermons on the Mount, or perhaps 7.3 Gettysburg Addresses. Whatever scale you use, what I will be doing – what we will be doing is big and secret. So secret, my staff doesn’t know what it is. I don’t know what it is.”

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Later, after mocking Beck’s claim that a flock of geese at his rally was “God’s flyover” of approval for what he was doing, Colbert referenced Stewart’s announcement as his own “grey goose” spurring him on to act, after getting nothing from consulting an actual goose in his studio named “Geese Witherspoon,” nor from a glass of Grey Goose vodka.

“I will not be out-announced!” Colbert shouted. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have an important announcement to make! Tonight, I am officially announcing that if Jon Stewart makes an important announcement, I will make an even more important counter-announcement! An announcement that will change history completely! In fact, history will no longer be history! History will now be biology, biology will be Spanish class, Spanish class will be music class, and music class will be eliminated due to budget cutbacks!”

“And nation,” he stressed, “my important announcement will be announced on a date to be announced.”

There’s already a petition website, Colbertrally.com, complete with a logo wanting him to hold this satirical rally on 10/10/10. Is this all set-up to an elaborate punchline or could this really happen? If so, could a joint ‘TDS’/’TCR’ event in D.C. draw an equivalent number of people as Beck did?

That might not be as big a challenge as the Tea Party would have you believe. Although they’re claiming hundreds of thousands to a million people showed up, the real number was only around 87,000. “But again, that’s a scientific estimate,” Colbert quipped last night, “and I don’t think many people at that rally were interested in science.”

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