‘Vampire Diaries’: 5 Things To Know About Season 2

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder in Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder in Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Just as ‘True Blood’ wraps up its third season this Sunday, tonight, The CW ushers in the highly-anticipated return of their hit bloodsucking drama, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (8/7c).

Last season’s cliffhanger finale found nearly every character’s fate hanging in the balance: Matt (Zach Roerig), Caroline (Candice Accola), and Tyler (Michael Trevino) were in a potentially fatal car accident thanks to Tyler’s unexpected (werewolf?) reaction to the vampire sonar device; Katherine (Nina Dobrev), posed as Elena, returned to Mystic Falls to dupe Damon (Ian Somerhalder) into sharing a kiss with her; Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), depressed from the discovery of Anna’s (Malese Jow) death, drank her blood, downed a bunch of pills, and waited to die or go vamp; and Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena were still dealing with the repercussions of his blood rage.

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So what lies ahead for the residents of Mystic Falls this season? Executive producer Kevin Williamson gave us a taste of what to expect:

The Season Opener Won’t Skip A (Heart) Beat. Is Jeremy dead? Or did Anna’s blood turn him into a vamp? Will Elena meet Katherine? Will Stefan find out about Damon and Katherine’s kiss? Williamson promises you won’t have to wait long for answers. “We pick up right where we left off. The whole episode literally, we rewind 30 seconds and take off.” As for the fate of wounded Caroline, Williamson vaguely explains, “Maybe’s she’s dead, maybe she isn’t. But it will all be answered in that first episode.”

Katherine Returns…And Damon Squirms. Will Katherine’s arrival in Mystic Falls bode well for the one Salvatore brother who’s been pining for her for over a century? Maybe. “The nice thing about Katherine is that she can play Damon at his own game, but she can up it. She can complicate it and she can double it times 20. She’s older, she’s wiser, and in our mythology, the older vampire is the stronger vampire,” he says.

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Elena Begins To Embrace Her Past, And Stefan’s Condition. “She [Elena] found out who her real father was, who her real mother was, and so her world isn’t this nice little human world,” he says. “Her world is about the town of Mystic Falls, and the town of Mystic Falls is about werewolves and vampires, and witches, and you knows what else. And so – and they still don’t know what else and that’s the whole point, her world is this, that’s what she points out to him. She’s like, ‘This is my world now, and I have to be apart of it, whether I like it or not.’”

The Death Toll Will Continue To Rise. Plec and Williamson shocked fans at the outset of last season by killing off Vicki (Kayla Ewell). Williamson promises the spirit of death will remain very much alive this season. “There’s a lot of deaths,” he says. “We kind of have our tempo, [and] we know where we’re leading to. We know the big twists, and who’s going to die.”

All Hail Halloween. What’s a supernatural show without a killer Halloween episode? Williamson says he was so pleased with last season’s Halloween ep, he’s planning a two-part episode this year. Just don’t expect it to fall on October 31. “Unfortunately, a year has not passed in our timeline, but we’re having a huge masquerade ball. It might be a two-parter in the sense that one episode might be the planning and the keying up for it, and then we’ll launch into it. It’s going to be a really cool event-type episode where they’re trying to get something done and accomplished.”

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