Kate Gosselin Spins Sad Tale Of Kids’ Second Home; Jon Slams Her ‘Lies’

Kate Gosselin on 'Regis Kelly' Sept. 10, 2010; Jon Gosselin (Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Kate Gosselin on 'Regis Kelly' Sept. 10, 2010; Jon Gosselin (Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Comments made by reality queen Kate Gosselin on ‘Live With Regis & Kelly‘ led her recently off-the-radar ex-husband Jon to come out of the woodwork and condemn her “lies.”

Appearing on the daytime talker on Friday, Kate told Kelly Ripa and guest cohost Anderson Cooper that when it’s Jon’s turn to mind the brood of eight kids, “I basically wait for the phone call, from how many of them want to come home.”

Acknowledging the legal trickiness of plucking any grumbling kids away from their father during his time of shared custody, Kate said, “As much as that is allowed… I bring them home.”

And why do any of the rugrats ever beckon Mom to come fetch them? “It’s not home, it doesn’t feel like home to them,” Kate said of Jon’s place. “They have a need to see him, because he is their father, and yet they want to be… at their house.”

Watch this E! News report on Kate’s ‘Regis’ visit, then read on:

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Kate’s claim that the kids aren’t always happy when spending time with their dad prompted Jon to take to Twitter. “As much as I want to respond to numerous LIES recently claimed [by Kate] on Regis and Kelly, I will refrain. I have learned from the past that it’s a waste of my time and energy,” he wrote. “I am ‘rising above,’ and refuse to engage in any sort of public argument that could potentially harm or upset my children. My children and the people in my life know the truth, and that is what’s important.”

Whose side are you on in this latest butting of Gosselin heads? Should Kate have publicly put it out there that time spent with Dad is a real downer? Or is that simply a reality of shared-custody arrangements that needn’t have been presented as some “flaw”?

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