‘Gossip Girl’ Season Preview: Reunions, Romance And Baby Blues

Blair. Chuck. Paris. You'll have to tune into the first couple episodes of 'Gossip Girl' Season 4 to get any further details. (The CW)

Blair. Chuck. Paris. You'll have to tune into the first couple episodes of 'Gossip Girl' Season 4 to get any further details. (The CW)

The CW’s ‘Gossip Girl’ returns this Monday at 9/8c, and the first pair of episodes are, as the French say, tres magnifique. (At least I think that’s what they say; frankly, I got Ds in French class.)

A chunk of the action takes place en Paris, where Blair has been employing beacoup retail therapy to turn her Chuck Bass-induced frown upside-down – all the while Serena draws much male attention. Blair’s pursuit of some princely lovin’ is royally waylaid when she catches sight of Chuck, who when last we saw him had been left for morte after a mugging.

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Back in New York City, Dan is singing the baby blues, thanks to Georgina’s pint-sized bombshell, while Nate’s summer of living dangerously (meaning: boinking his way through Chuck’s black book) is interrupted by the arrival of a new looker, played by ‘Melrose Place’s Katie Cassidy.

With so many parapluies grande in play (Ds, I tell you!), Fancast invited ‘Gossip Girl’ cocreator Stephanie Savage to tease what’s in store for Season 4.

You and [series cocreator] Josh [Schwartz] really took it on the chin for everything you put Chuck and Blair through at the end of last season. Do you feel you now owe the “Chair” fans, and big?
[Laughs] Honestly, we’re really happy with the finale. They’re very dramatic and very organic, the long arc stories we’re telling on the show. Are they traumatic for the audience? Yes, probably. But we felt it was nice to come back this season with something that was very beautiful and soothing, where everyone’s trying to move forward. It’s a lot about how much the characters really care about each other. Everyone is reaching out to everyone else.

Beyond what happens in the two Paris episodes, can we count on any “big” Chuck/Blair moments by, say, November sweeps?
There are definitely some juicy Chuck and Blair moments that will be happening.

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How will Blair bide her time when she first returns to New York City?
Blair is going to be very much focused on school and building a life for herself outside of her relationship with Chuck – but that will be complicated by Chuck coming back.

I howled at the end of Episode 2, when every crazy thing in Serena’s love life is visited upon her. Would you say this is the most adrift she has ever been?
I wouldn’t say that, because I actually feel like her going to college is going to put her on a different track and get her thinking about different things. It will be good for her to come onto campus single, and not have a man to rely on.

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What can you say about Serena’s new love interest, to be played by Sam Page (‘Desperate Housewives’)?
His character isn’t introduced for a little while, but he and Blake [Lively] have great chemistry. He is a charming millionaire who comes onto her radar and complicates things.

Has Dan pretty much given up on the whole Serena thing, given all the baggage he’s now dealing with – Georgina’s baby and a possibly rekindled romance with Vanessa included?
At the beginning of this season he is definitely focused on other things, yes. [Georgina/baby Milo] will be a very emotional story for all the characters.

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I like how you brought in Katie Cassidy’s character, Juliet. Is Nate going to fall hard for her? Because I sure would.
Yeah, I think this is a big relationship for him. It’s been a while since we’ve had someone pass through our world who feels like she can really hang with these characters. Coming off “The Summer Of Chuck’s Little Black Book,” it’s a real alternative to the way Nate has been living.

Jenny will definitely be returning, yes?
Definitely returning.

Will she be the same Jenny we know, or will you seize the chance to “reinvent” her a bit?
Her banishment from the city and the time she has been spending in Hudson is definitely going to have an impact on her character.

Think for a second before you answer this one: Will any two characters kiss for the very first time early in the season?
Interesting question…. [Pauses] If you’re not talking about only series regulars, then the answer is definitely yes.

And will any two characters have sex together for the first time?

You know, I’ve had readers write in asking about Dan maybe getting with Blair. Is that on your list of “Never Gonna Happen” hook-ups?
I’ve said previously that on this show we don’t have a “Never Gonna Happen” list. Viewers of our show need to be open to all the surprising possibilities!

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