Will.I.Am Reacts To VMAs Black-lash: ‘Are You Guys Serious?’

Will.I.Am performs at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Will.I.Am performs at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Will.I.Am is amazed to find himself the subject of controversy after he sported a black-on-black(-on-black) ensemble for Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

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In addition to a black leather coat and pants, Will.I.Am arrived on the award show’s white carpet in blackface, rendering his facial features almost imperceptible.

The look elicited such criticisms as “Will.I.Am just sent us back 1,000 years,” one African-American college student from Alabama said to the singer via Twitter.

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Will.I.Am’s response to that fan and others of the same mindset: “Are you guys serious? my outfit set ‘black people back 100 yrs,'” he said on Twitter late Sunday. “choose your twits wisely. no education sets people back, no jobs, bad health….”

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“just because I [wear] all black including head mask as expression and emphasize my outfit, it shouldn’t be looked at as racial,” he maintained.

“Let go of the past,” The Black Eyed Peas member added. “there are far more important things 2 bark about. (Jobs, health, education) not a black man wearing all black everything.”

Did you find anything offensive about Will.I.Am, a black man, wearing blackface for the VMAs? Was it not just a part of his matte-black attire for the evening?

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