Fresh Face Of Fall: ‘Outsourced’ Star Ben Rappaport

Ben Rappaport in Outsourced (NBC)

Ben Rappaport in Outsourced (NBC)

At the outset of each new TV season there are those faces which pop up on screen and elicit a familiar reaction: Who is this young, attractive person and why have I never seen him/her before? (Chances are you have seen said thesp, be it on a Burger King commercial or in bit parts elsewhere.) As the fall season approaches,  we’re bringing you our round-up of fresh faces packing the holy Hollywood trinity: looks, talent, and staying power.

Meet Ben Rappaport, a recent Julliard grad who makes his small screen debut in NBC’s fish out of water comedy, ‘Outsourced.’ In ‘Outsourced,’ Rappaport plays Todd Dempsey, a green novelty items salesman sent to run the Indian call center of his company in an effort to cut costs.

What He Was Doing Before ‘Outsourced’: I came from New York. I came from a theater background. I trained at Julliard very recently. I was just doing the whole working actor thing. This was just one of those pilots that when audition season came along, it was a part that just seemed really right. I recognized a lot of things in the character that I saw in me.

His Inspiration For The Role: I kind of went into the audition being like, ‘This is a lot like my dad.’ I kind of paid homage to my father. I think it’s his eternal optimism no matter what.

Who He Called First With The News: My mother. She fainted. What was great was [executive producer] Ken [Kwapis] told me in his office that I had the part. Then he said, ‘Here’s an empty office. Go in there and call everybody you know.’ It was a surreal moment.

How He Celebrated Getting The Part: I went out and got Mexican food. I grew up in Houston, Texas, and it’s everywhere.  I love Mexican food. Living in New York there’s not a lot of great Mexican food.

His Audition Rituals: Just my iPod. Nothing specific on my iPod, but if I don’t listen to music before my audition then I feel out of sorts. I feel like it grounds me and brings me down to Earth. The thing about Todd is that he has such a positive outlook that I needed something peppy and almost schmaltzy and corny. So I listened to some 80s pop ballads and Boston’s “More Than A Feeling.”

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