‘Idol’ Chatter: J.Lo Signed For Just One Year? And Why Ellen Quit!

Jennifer Lopez and Ellen DeGeneres (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images/FOX)

Jennifer Lopez and Ellen DeGeneres (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images/FOX)

It’s been far, far too long without any news on the ‘American Idol: The Search For A Judging Panel’ front, so here’s the latest and greatest buzz now making rounds.

First up, Jennifer Lopez. Though Fox is not expected to announce her (and Steven Tyler’s) hire until early October, there are reports that she is 99% signed on the dotted line, and will command $12 million for her year’s worth of service, says People.com. Yes, you read right – J.Lo finagled a deal that only ties her to ‘Idol’ for one season. Though given the chilly reception afforded Ellen DeGeneres and to a somewhat lesser degree Kara DioGuardi, maybe that’s a prudent move by the reality show’s producers.

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There’s also been some talk that all of the “diva-like demands” gossip that hovered around Lopez’s ‘Idol’ talks was in part fed by rival networks/direct competitors looking to sully the name of TV’s most watched program. That’s some dirty pool, people.

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Turning to DeGeneres: She shed much light on her single-season ‘Idol’ run during a call-in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show on Tuesday. Simply said – and as presumed early on – Ellen had a hard time criticizing these young crooners brandishing big dreams.

“[Being a part of ‘Idol’] was fun… but it was a really hard thing for me to do,” DeGeneres said. “These kids are taking it so seriously…. They want to be praised, and I found it really difficult to watch them have their dreams shattered on national television.”

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Ellen says Day 1 of her ‘Idol’ stint was particularly sobering, because that was when she first learned that Simon Cowell would be leaving at Season 9’s end. “I though he was there for a while, and we’d play around and have fun,” she shared with a perceptible sense of disillusionment in her voice.

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