‘Life Unexpected’: 5 Things To Know About Season 2

Life Unexpected (The CW)

The second season of’ The CW’s ‘Life Unexpected‘ premieres Tuesday September 13 (9/8c).   Last season ended with Baze interrupting Cate and Ryan’s wedding after they had said their vows.  This season will be about much more than a love triangle and a long lost daughter.  According to the show’s creator Liz Tigelaar,”If last season was about these people needing to come together as a family, now it’s them against the world.”  A plethora of new characters will complicate everyone’s lives. “We’re definitely broadening out the show.   We wanted to bring in new people to cause conflict in their life, aside from each other,” she says.  Tigelaar previewed a season of hook ups, shake ups, guest stars and crossovers.

New Characters Will Cause Problems For Cate and Ryan
“Kelly, played Amy Price Francis is going to be a force at the radio station, and a source of tension between Cate and Ryan. For so long they thought that Baze was the biggest obstacle in their relationship and if they overcame that they wouldn’t have problems.  We tried to introduce people professionally and personally who will cause tension in their marriage and show that Baze wasn’t their biggest problem.  It’s just that all their energy was going towards Baze,” Tigelaar says.

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‘Eureka’s Jaime Ray Newman Will Play Julia, A Woman From Ryan’s Past, Who  Could Be Trouble
“Julia is a woman from Ryan’s past who comes back into the present.  It helps shed light on who Ryan is and what his reasons were for marrying Cate.  Ryan really does seem like the perfect guy. But he had a past before Cate. Obviously he has to have something in him that’s kind of screwed up if he’s with a person like Cate.  Julia comes in to answer those questions for us.  She’s going to be a character who comes in in our first thirteen. Should we get a back nine, she’ll be a big part of that… We’re going to do some flashbacks to show who Julia is,” she says.

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Lux Gets A Hot New TeacherWho Might Be Hot For Her
In the premiere, Lux takes an impulsive road trip with a cute guy who turns out to be her new teacher. “Sean Sipos comes in as the new teacher at Lux’s school.”   Will the two have a forbidden romance?  “If you know who somebody is and you know the rules and boundaries of the situation you self-monitor.  But because neither of them knew that they let themselves feel certain things that they never would have allowed themselves to feel. People do these type of stories on TV all the time.  The angle we wanted to take is: what do you do if you’re a kid who has never had to play by the rules and never had boundaries set.  In order to cope, you felt like you were above being a kid.  It’s natural that Lux is going to have an easier time relating to someone in their twenties than to a person in their teens because Lux has lived twice the life that most teenagers have.  It’s going to be an interesting relationship and very eye opening for her and the audience,” she says.

Cate and Baze Lose Their Jobs And Forge A Friendship
Both Cate and Baze lose their livelihoods in the premiere.  The ramifications will shape the rest of the season.”The second episode is called Parents Unemployed where they Lux needs a parent to speak at career day.  Neither of them have careers at the moment.  They find themselves in the same boat and Cate is so judgmental of Baze but of course she’s really no better than him so it’s hard to be too judgey.  They’ll rebound and they’ll figure out what they’re both going to do.  It’s a parallel story that they’re going through together… We’re going to see their relationships shift.  Cate and Baze are going to get closer and develop a real friendship which they’ve never really had.  It’s going to be a struggle because what do you do when the person you love has made this choice.  You try everything you can to move on.  Baze’s story is going to be a story of trying to move on.  I think Cate likes that Baze burst into the church with her. You can decide you don’t want to be with someone but it doesn’t mean you don’t want them to not want to be with you. Ryan doesn’t know that Cate went to Baze the night before her wedding.  There are things to come out that can unravel things,” she says.

There Will Be A ‘One Tree Hill’ Crossover Episode Guest Starring Sarah McLaughlan
“Kate Voegele who plays Mia Catalano [on ‘One Tree Hill’] is coming to perform at a music festival sponsored by Cate and Ryan’s station.  Hayley, her producer played by Bethany Joy Galeotti, comes with her.  It turns out that Hayley and Cate have a lot in common.  They’re both nerdy high school valedictorians who got pregnant in high school by an athlete named either Nate or Nathan so they have a lot to talk about. The really exciting part is that we have Ben Lee performing, Rain Perry who performs our theme song and then Sarah McLachlan to end the show. I think it’s going to be one of our best episodes,” she says.

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