Deep Soap: Nathan Fillion Talks Recasting His ‘One Life’ Role

Nathan Fillion (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Nathan Fillion (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Nathan Fillion Comments on Joey Buchanan Recast

Last week, ‘One Life To Live‘ put out a casting call for the role of Clint and Vicki’s youngest son, Joey Buchanan.  Though the last person who played the role on a regular basis was Bruce Michael Hall —in an ill-conceived storyline that had Joey becoming a minister — the actor most identified with Joey is ‘Castle‘ star Nathan Fillion. Long after he made it big in primetime and film, he returned for the soap’s 10,000th episode.  The actor has stayed in touch with his OLTL costars and even managed to work in a ‘One Life To Live’ reference on one of the early episodes of ‘Castle.’  So when I had the opportunity to talk to him at a party celebrating ‘Castle’s’ season premiere on Monday night, I could not resist asking him for his thoughts about his first role being recast.

‘One Life to Live’ just announced they are recasting Joey Buchanan.  Are you wounded?
Of course not.  When I was on ‘One Life To Live’  I had four guys playing my older brother [Kevin].  One of them lasted three weeks.  I got the job.  I left.  Some other guy got the job.  That’s just the nature of it.

Do you think you should get to choose the next Joey?
Yes. There should be an ‘American Idol’-type competition. Can he act? Can he kiss?  Can he do comedy? These are important [things].

Why hasn’t Robin Strasser guest starred on ‘Castle’ yet?
She’s very busy, number one.  And number two, don’t think I haven’t thought of it.

So there you have it.  Fillion is on board with a Joey-Dorian primetime reunion.  On the off chance that anyone who works on ‘Castle’ is reading this, I would like to suggest that Strasser play an actress who is competing with Castle’s mother Martha (Susan Sullivan)  for a role in the movie based on Castle’s Nikki Heat novels.  I hope that OLTL finds an actor who is every bit as talented as Fillion to play Joey.  Llanview needs more Buchanans.

Adding Insult to Injury

Some ‘As The World Turns‘ fans who live in the Pacific time zone were disappointed Monday.  In several markets including Los Angeles, the show was pre-empted for coverage of the U.S. Open men’s finals.

While I understand that sports events need to air live, this is the final week of ATWT.  These are important farewell episodes that mean a great deal to the people who love the show.  The affiliates could have aired ATWT in a different timeslot, even if it was at 2 AM.  That did not happen in Los Angeles.   Though I am sure far more people tuned in for the U.S. Open than would have for ATWT, the end of the soap is an important moment in television history.  No one would dream of pre-empting one of the final episodes of a longrunning primetime series.   It’s insulting to both everyone who works on ATWT and everyone who watches it.  Fortunately, the episode is available online.  If ATWT was pre-empted where you live, you can watch it right here:

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Loving Genoa City Again

I am happy to say that I have been thoroughly enjoying ‘The Young & The Restless‘ for the past two weeks.   Suddenly, storylines that did little to capture my interest have me intrigued.

I am still not completely sold on Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) romance, but Victor (Eric Braeden) having his own daughter arrested for bribery at their wedding was great drama.  He did not stop her from getting married.  Instead, his plan was to get the charges dropped if she agreed to have the marriage annulled.

Everyone has professed horror that Victor would turn in a member of his own family, seemingly forgetting that Nick (Josh Morrow) turned Victor in for financial fraud a few years ago.  Turning in relatives for white collar crimes is just how the Newmans roll.  Of course since the writers will not allow Victor to look bad for more than a few episodes, he ended up turning himself in.

When Victoria stood her ground with her father after spending a night in prison, it was the first time I actually believed that she loved Billy despite the short duration of their relationship.  The subsequent scene of Billy and Victoria getting wedding ring tattoos was back to the trying too hard to be cute scenarios that have kept me from liking this couple.  Especially since wedding ring tattoos are so tacky.  If Y&R starts giving them more serious drama and less forced wacky hijinks, I may become a fan.

Similarly, as dull as the build up to Chance’s “death ” was, the fallout has been spectacular.  Tricia Cast deserves an Emmy for her work as the grieving Nina.

Y&R is getting all the little beats right, as Nina struggles with whether to have Chance buried at Arlington cemetery.  It’s the little character-driven beats of this story that make it interesting.

After decades of hatred, it was a treat to see Jill (Jess Walton) sticking up for Nina when the one-dimensional bad guys came to search the house.  Best of all, I am getting a kick out of everyone hating Christine (Lauralee Bell).  Finally, her attempts to run everybody else’s life have backfired.  Watching Nina and Paul (Doug Davidson) turn on her has been hilarious.  She just doesn’t seem to understand why they are so upset that she hid the fact that Ronan (Jeff Branson) was Nina’s son from her.  When Nina slammed the door in her face, I cheered.  If Y&R can sustain this quality, in a few months everyone will forget about the summer of dopplegangers.

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