‘The Bachelor’ vs. ‘The Situation’: Who’s Got the Bigger Ego?

'The Situation' vs. 'The Bachelor' (Photo: David Livingston/Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

'The Situation' vs. 'The Bachelor' (Photo: David Livingston/Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

It’s showtime, baby! Or more like showdown: The latest antics of ‘Bachelor‘ Jake Pavelka and ‘Jersey Shore‘s Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino have brought the happy couple two reality stars into another ego-charged reality altogether—and we’d like to thank ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ for this one!

“I have better abs than [The Situation] does, that’s for damn sure!” Jake declares to UsMagazine.com while attending the L.A. premiere of ‘Easy A.’

Although we couldn’t fathom what would interest The Jake-scheister to frolic to a red-carpet premiere of a teen flick, we have the feeling that his ab-to-ab comment was all in good fun, especially since he offered fluttery words of encouragement to the new ‘DWTS’ guido.

“He comes with a big fan base; he is going to do well with votes,” says the 32-year-old self-proclaimed working actor who competed on the show last season.

And for the zillions of fans who are dying to know, yes, Jake is dating.

So what does The Situation think of all this? He ain’t. The eldest ‘Jersey Shore’ clan member is too busy promoting himself in a thousand different ways, partying in his ABC-comped L.A. condo over appearing with his housemates at the MTV VMAs, and well … believing he’s bigger than Kim Kardashian.

The Situation Names the Man to Beat on ‘DWTS’

According to a source, the 28-year-old reality star demanded $500K up front for an unidentified deal to which the source replied he wouldn’t even secure that kind of cash for the Armenian Princess.

“His manager’s words were: ‘The Situation is much larger than Kim Kardashian,'” the source tells Us. “We all laughed.”

“You never know with Mike,” Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi says of her housemate. “One time he’s a jerkoff and another time he’s nice … Mike thinks he’s the sh*t.”

Now that you’ve read the latest and greatest on your two favorite reality TV She-Men, who do you think has the bigger ego—Jake or The Situation? And whose 15 minutes will last longer?

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