‘One Tree Hill’ Season Premiere Recap: It Was All A Dream… Or Was It?

One Tree Hill‘ is the show that refuses to die.  There is something weirdly compelling about the teen show turned young adult soap opera that traffics in musical montages and heavy handed dialogue.

In the season premiere, Hayley (Bethanny Joe Galeotti) told Nathan (James Lafferty) she’s pregnant.  He is thrilled. Her depression is gone.  Their biggest problem is that their annoying son wants to know where babies come from.  Of course, on OTH happiness is always shortlived.  Luke’s NBA physical ends with the ominous words, “We’re going to run a few tests,” as does Hayley’s pre-natal exam.  Clearly either Luke or the unborn child is marked for death.

‘One Tree Hill’ Star’s Marriage Ends After One Month

Brooke (Sophia Bush) begins the episode with the most depraved sexual role playing ever seen on television as she and Julian (Austin Nichols) reeneacted Grease II.  Fortunately, the police interrupted,arresting her for financial fraud related to her fashion company.  She lost everything, thanks in part to her slutty mother’s lack of attention to the company.  Brooke is at her best when she’s broke and has something to prove, so this should be fun.

Alex (Jana Kramer) asked out Chase (Stephen Coletti) and coolly told Mia (Kate Voegele) that despite her history of man stealing,Mia screwed her relationship up on her own.  She added,”I plan to make him happier than you ever did, so you should probably just give up and move on now. Okat? Great.”  Oh, snap. Who ever thought that Stephen Coletti would be the ‘Laguna Beach’ cast member that ended up with a legitimate acting career?

In the weirdest storyline of the night, Quinn’s (Shantel VanSanten) shooting of Clay (Robert Buckley) in the finale turned out to be a dream.  They spent the day frolicking on the beach until suddenly she shot him again.  Actually, the beach was a dream.  They were both lying on the floor of their house, bleeding. It was very ‘Inception’, and the previews indicate that their weird dream state continues into next week.  Way to get sophisticated, OTH.  By its own less than high brow standards, this was an unbelievably cool twist.

Grade: B+

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