The Non-Celebrity ‘Apprentice’ Returns To Rave Reviews

Nine of 'The Apprentice's 16 job applicants (NBC)

Nine of 'The Apprentice's 16 job applicants (NBC)

Donald Trump doesn’t fear the competition of ‘The Apprentice”s new Thursday-night timeslot. And, why should he? The new season – the first regular, non-celeb edition of ‘Apprentice’ since 2007 – is already receiving rave reviews for its timely economy-inspired theme this year.

Cases in point: The New York Post writes, “They’re back with a tremendously interesting new concept. This time it’s ‘The Apprentice’ for a bad economy.”

Similarly, The New York Daily News states, “Here’s what the new season of ‘The Apprentice’ proves: Donald Trump can be outdone and emerge from it looking better than ever.” meanwhile gives it a B+ and these props: “True-blue fans will rediscover its pleasures.”

That said, ‘The Apprentice’ is up against another reality TV powerhouse, the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise on Bravo, which airs Thursdays at 10/9c, but Trump’s not concerned. “I don’t think anything’s a threat. I think it’s all good for television. If something else is good that’s good for us,” he said recently.

“Don’t forget in season one we were opposite ‘CSI’ and we were opposite another big show and many weeks of the season we were the No. 1 show on television,” he continued. “NBC likes it so much they put us on Thursday night. Now you know television isn’t my primary business, but I know Thursday night is called ‘Fifth Avenue and 57th street,’ that’s called prime time.”

When asked if the show’s move to Thursdays is the reason CBS’ ‘Survivor’ moved to Wednesdays, producer Mark Burnett said, “I’m sure the real reason ‘Survivor’ moves … is for CBS to build a Wednesday night. ‘Survivor’ has a very good audience even when it gets pre-empted due to the NCAA and [on Wednesday it still does phenomenal numbers.”

The two-hour season premiere of NBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ airs this Thursday 9/8c.

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