Wilde Nabs New Film Role; Will ‘House’ Be Minus Thirteen Longer Than Planned?

Olivia Wilde in the 'House' season premiere airing Monday, Sept. 20 (Fox)

Olivia Wilde in the 'House' season premiere airing Monday, Sept. 20 (Fox)

Not long into the new season of Fox’s ‘House‘ (premiering Sept. 20), Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley exits stage left, and under somewhat uncertain circumstances. But the bigger mystery may concern the timetable for her return, now that Olivia Wilde‘s bustling big-screen career has handed her yet another film role.

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Hot off her work on the sci-fi extravaganza ‘Cowboys & Aliens‘ (and before that, ‘Tron: Legacy‘), Wilde has been cast in ‘The Change Up,’ a comedy about a married man (‘Arrested Development’s Jason Bateman) who swaps bodies with a slacker pal (Ryan Reynolds, ‘X-Men: Origins’). Wilde plays Bateman’s law firm colleague, says Deadline.com.

With ‘The Change Up’ set to start filming this fall, the question becomes: Will ‘House’ have to prolong the subtraction of Thirteen?

In a word, the answer appears to be… no. “[Wilde’s role in ‘The Change Up’] will not affect production on ‘House,'” a production source tells Fancast.

That either means Thirteen was not being written back onto the canvas just yet, or that Wilde will juggle her TV and movie gigs.

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When Fancast spoke with ‘House’ exec producer Katie Jacobs last month, she was expecting Wilde to be available following the ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ shoot, yet declined to even approximate Thirteen’s return timetable, explaining, “It’s linked to narrative.”

“When she does come back, it’s not that she’s going to be sitting in the outer office… as if nothing has happened,” Jacobs told me. “There’s a real reason why Thirteen had to leave and needed this time off. It’s surprising and juicy, and it deepens her character and our understanding of her.”

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As previously reported, to help fill the Thirteen void ‘House’ is adding Amber Tamblyn (‘Joan Of Arcadia’) in the recurring role of a medical student who is “professionally perhaps not ready for this, but brilliant,” series creator David Shore says in this video interview. “We’re going to have some fun with that.”

Press PLAY below to see what else Katie Jacobs had to say about the new season of ‘House’:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/House/11954/1565896014/Fancast-Interview%3A-Katie-Jacobs/embed 580 476]
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