‘Castle’s Back With Hot Hook-Ups, Gnarly Kills, Goofing On ‘Grey’s’

Castle (ABC)

Castle (ABC)

Castle’ ended its second season on a bittersweet note.  Mystery writer Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and police detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) came tantalizingly close to a romantic moment.   Beckett broke up with her FBI agent boyfriend and was about to tell Castle how much he meant to her when she learned that he was going to spend the summer writing in the Hamptons with his ex-wife.  She opted not to say anything, and the two parted ways.

So will Castle and Beckett get together this season? How crazy will the mysteries be?  The cast and writers gave out some tantalizing hints for this season’s debut (ABC Monday, 10/9c) at the show’s premiere party last week.

Do Not Miss The First Minute of the Premiere: In the season opener, Castle lands on the wrong end of a murder investigation when Beckett finds him standing over a body.  Previews the show’s creator Andrew Marlowe, “The real fun is in the first minute of the episode. It’s really exciting.”   Castle’s troubles extend beyond proving he is not a killer.  His old friends are upset with him.  According to Jon Huertas, who plays Esposito, “What really pisses him off is that Castle didn’t call all summer long.  And I’m not talking about calling Beckett;  I mean calling Esposito.  That’s his boy.  This season he’s not allowing Castle back into his good graces right away.”

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Beckett Gets A Sexy New Man Who Drives Castle Insane: Sexy Victor Webster will play Josh Davidson, a fella who appeals to every side of Beckett’s personality.  The character sounds even more impressive than best selling author Castle.  Webster, who is scheduled to appear in at least four episodes, described him as “a motorcycle-riding bad boy.”  but that’s only part of the story.  Says Katic, “He’s [also] a cardiac surgeon” – and one of height, to boot! “[Victor] has three inches on my shoulder while I have my heels on,” the 5-foot-9 Katic reports. “That never happens in Hollywood.  It’s awesome.” Fillion is also enthusiastic about his new foil: “It’s definitely a David-and-Goliath situation.  There’s nothing Castle has on this guy, and  I think that’s very important.  He’s a mixed martial artist, he helps the blind….  He’s the perfect guy.”

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There Will Be Lots of Other Romances: Castle is not going to sit around pining for Beckett.  After all, he spent the summer doing more than writing in the Hamptons. Says Fillion, “Castle is back with his ex-wife (played by Monet Mason).”   There will also be romance between Esposito and Lanie (Tamala Jones).  “I think we get caught making out in the morgue,” Jones shares. “We said we want to be on the slab, but….”

Beckett and Castle Will Visit L.A.: The New York crime fighting duo will find themselves in the land of beaches and botox.  Says Katic, “There are going to be a couple episodes in L.A.  They’re going to be dealing with the Nikki Heat novels becoming a movie.  There’s probably going to be a bit of a murder.”

Upcoming Episodes Will Feature Gore, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and Jennifer Love Hewitt: There will be blood, courtesy of some gruesome deaths. “We had a nasty one last week — an ice pick through the neck,” Katic reports. “It was gnarly.”  Jones’ favorite murder is “a double autopsy: two women that were murdered by a serial killer.”  The writers are getting very creative with the murders.  As Marlowe reveals, “We have a great episode where we make a little bit of fun of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Seriously.” (Seriously? Seriously!) Another episode will  touch on time travel, and there will be a case where “the most likely suspect may not be of this world.”  There are, as yet, no plans to bring back last season’s popular guest star Alyssa Milano, though Marlowe said, “We really loved her character.  We’ll see if she fits in the back end.”  However, another popular actress will definitely make an appearance.  According to Huerta, “Jennifer Love Hewitt is coming on this season. I’m not sure exactly what she’s doing, but she’s coming on.”

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