New On DVD This Week: Modern Family, Castle, Community, Human Target

Modern Family

Modern Family,’ one of the highest rated new television shows of the year and recent winner of the Best Comedy Award at the 2010 Emmy Awards, is now available on DVD. Come join the family for the laugh-out-loud and critically-acclaimed breakout hit of the year, featuring an all-star cast led by two-time Golden Globe nominee and recently announced recipient of his own star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, and Ty Burrell and recent Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Eric Stonestreet. Created and produced by industry veterans Steven Levitan (‘Just Shoot Me’) and Christopher Lloyd (‘Frasier’), the series takes a refreshing and funny view of what it means to raise a family in this hectic day and age. Multi-cultural relationships, adoption, and same-sex marriage are just a few of the timely issues faced by the show’s three wildly-diverse broods. No matter the size or shape, family always comes first in this hilariously “modern” look at life, love, and laughter. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.


The Season 2 DVD of the critically acclaimed ‘Castle,’ which showcases the unique partnership between “ruggedly handsome” crime novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillian) and hard-nosed NYPD detective, Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is now available. This season invites viewers to dive into their real world crimes, and relive all the compelling second season cases in a great set that includes all 24 second season episodes; cool never-before-seen bonus features; on-set bloopers and behind-the-scenes access features. Castle and Beckett’s unconventional partnership and banter creates humorous situations and romantic tension unlike anything on TV. During this past season, Castle and Beckett’s relationship has grown stronger as they’ve dodged bullets, captured killers, and solved countless murder cases in their unorthodox partnership. But by the Season 2 finale, Beckett’s new relationship with a robbery detective has pushed Castle away, forcing them both to confront their feelings for one another. When Castle leaves to finish writing his second Nikki Heat novel, Naked Heat, Beckett has to watch him walk away, unable to express her true feelings and unsure whether he will return to the precinct. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.


Community‘ is an irreverent comedy set at a local junior college and featuring a host of quirky characters – including a lawyer who learns his bachelor’s degree isn’t actually valid, a former A-student whose plans for Ivy League college were derailed by drugs and a divorcée who’s recovering her sense of self – who form a study group. Joel McHale and Chevy Chase lead a strong ensemble cast that already has a huge fan base after just one season on the air. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

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Desperate Housewives

On the surface, the residents of Wisteria Lane appear to be the picture of suburban America. But as we find out in Season 6 of ‘Desperate Housewives‘ – underneath lay bigger mysteries – infidelity, deceit, blackmail and even murder. And with not-so-honest husbands, complicated relationships, family drama and meddling neighbors adding to the turmoil (and humor), it’s no wonder things aren’t always as they seem in the lives of the housewives. The women of Wisteria Lane have been through a lot, yet through it all, they stand united together. Filled with non-stop action and mischief, this not-to-be-missed set comes loaded with bonus features and never-before-seen material, sure to delight and surprise even the most loyal fans. Buy the Season 6 DVD right here.

The Mentalist

California Bureau of Investigation consultant Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) has a blatant lack of protocol but is self-assured and driven in the CBS smash hit ‘The Mentalist.’ The former “psychic” uses his talent for seeing the clues everyone else misses to solve the most baffling crimes. But there’s more than crime that makes this season a must-see: Lisbon and Cho reveal hints about their troubled pasts. Violence fells one CBI boss, and the new boss seems more interested in authority than teamwork. And as the Van Pelt-Rigsby relationship heats up, it threatens to cool down their careers. Match wits with the 23-Episode, 5-Disc Season 2 of the series that balances nimble humor with dark thrills. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

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Human Target

Are you in extreme danger? Need special security? Is there a bullet out there with your name on it? Leave it to Chance. Mark Valley is protector-for-hire Christopher Chance in the thrill-packed 12-Episode Season 1 of Fox’s ‘Human Target,’ based on the DC Comics series and graphic novel. From piloting a distressed, upside-down jumbo jet to bodyguarding a D.A. targeted by a gang, Chance puts his life on the line – and each new adventure reveals a little about the mysterious past that drew him to this line of work. Chi McBride as ops manager Winston and Jackie Earle Haley as techno genius/fixer Guerrero are Chance’s ace support crew. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

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Still going strong after more than a quarter of a century, ‘Taggart,’ Set 3 is now available. Featuring eight contemporary episodes, the smash hit series follows a team of Glasgow detectives taking on the city’s worst cases—from blackmail to murder. Witty scripts and black humor round out this gritty police procedural, lending it universal appeal and helping it become the world’s longest continually running police drama series. Available to U.S. audiences for the first time with its DVD release, Set 3 includes episodes that aired in the U.K. in 2005. This award-winning television drama follows four cops on the streets of one of Britain’s most menacing cities. Detectives Burke, Ross, Reid, and Fraser make a formidable team against Glasgow’s criminals, from drug dealers and blackmailers to gangsters and pimps. Armed with determination and intuition, they pursue justice in an often dark and dangerous world. The series stars Alex Norton, John Michie, Blythe Duff, and Colin McCredie as the team of detectives. Buy the Set 3 DVD right here.

He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown

A beagle is a boy’s best friend. Sometimes. The gang is fed up with mischief-maker Snoopy so Charlie Brown sends the offending beagle away to puppy boot camp in ‘He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown.’ Equipped with a tiny suitcase and his own doggy dish, Snoopy heads to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm but never makes it past his first stop at Peppermint Patty’s. Now Snoopy wonders if the grass might be greener with a new master. Can Charlie Brown put an end to the canine chaos and bring Snoopy back to the little red doghouse? Friendship and loyalty come out on top in this special. And you will, too, with this Remastered Deluxe Edition with Improved Picture and Audio. Buy the DVD right here.

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Being Human

Russell Tovey, Lenora Critchlow and Aidan Turner are back for Season 2 of ‘Being Human‘ as three twenty-somethings living double lives as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. The second season picks up after the defeat of vampire leader Herrick, with the trio trying to re-enter the human world only to discover that there are new enemies and dangers lurking at every turn. The set contains over seven hours of content including all eight episodes as well as over an hour of bonus materials – including behind-the-scenes featurettes and hidden Easter eggs. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

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Bored To Death

Blending neurotic humor and noir mystery elements, ‘Bored To Death‘ follows Ames (Jonathan Schwartzman) as he solves a variety of cases in New York City – despite the fact that he’s virtually inexperienced as a private detective. Nevertheless, Jonathan pursues each case with gusto, abandoning all sense of reality and avoiding work on his regular writing gig and second novel. The top-notch cast on this HBO series also include Ames’ needy boss George (the fabulous Ted Danson), as well as his best fried Ray (Zach Galifianakis), who tries his best to advise him, while barely keeping his own life together. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

Mr. Palfrey Of Westminster

In the vein of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Callan, the ‘Mr. Palfrey of Westminster’ Complete Collection is now available on DVD. Golden Globe nominee Alec McCowen “plays [Palfrey] to perfection” (The Times, UK) in this stylish drama about a mild-mannered British civil servant who’s secretly a counterspy. Mr. Palfrey of Westminster premiered in the U.K. in 1984 and aired in the US on public television in the 1980s and 2000s. The 3-disc set includes all ten episodes of the popular thinking man’s spy drama. He describes himself as “just a civil servant.” But in the cloak-and-dagger world of the British security services, Mr. Palfrey is an invaluable player in the spy game. A master of counterespionage and a spy-catcher extraordinaire, he’s smart, discreet, cunning—and likes to do things his own way. His new boss quickly realizes the talents and the dangers of the deceptively charming, utterly ruthless Palfrey. Known simply as “the Coordinator” and splendidly played by Caroline Blakiston, she appoints an assistant to work with Palfrey but report back to her. As always, however, Palfrey has his own idea. Mr. Palfrey of Westminster features guest appearances by Julian Glover, Leslie Phillip, Richard Johnson, and Deborah Grant. Buy the complete collection right here.

Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue

Tinker Bell, the world’s favorite fairy, spreads her mirth and magic for audiences of all ages, as the worlds of fairies and humans meet for the first time in ‘Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Adventure.’ An all-new, original full-length CG animated film featuring breathtaking animation, spectacular music and an all-star cast of voice talents, our story begins in summertime in the English countryside. Before she was ever introduced to Wendy and the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell met Lizzy, a girl with a steadfast belief in fairies. An enchanting encounter unfolds when Tinker Bell is discovered by Lizzy and as their different worlds unite, Tink develops a special bond with the curious girl in need of a friend. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

How I Met Your Mother

Hopeless romantic Ted Mosby gets one step closer to his soul mate in Season 5 of the hilarious ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Neil Patrick Harris leads a stellar ensemble cast including Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders in the hit comedy that dissects the trials and tribulations of dating life in New York City. The show is narrated by an older version of Ted (Bob Saget) as he fondly recalls adventures from his single days with his friends to his children. Season 5 of this quirky love story told in reverse finds the gang encountering their doppelgangers, contemplating dual citizenship, struggling to achieve the ‘perfect week’ of sexual conquest, buying a house, getting mugged by a monkey and even starting a family. Jennifer Lopez, Chris Elliot, Rachel Bilson, Tim Gunn, Amanda Peet and Judy Greer guest star in the legendary fifth season. Buy the Season 5 DVD right here.

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Tom And Jerry Greatest Chases

The chase continues with Tom and Jerry in 14 animated adventures full of more nonstop fun and outrageous antics in ‘Tom And Jerry Greatest Chases‘ Volume 5 DVD. Lasso laughs when Cowboy Tom wrangles up a frisky Jerry in Posse Cat. Capture chuckles when Jerry the photographer snaps photos of Tom with his hand in the cookie jar…or, in this case, chocolate cake in Tom’s Photo Finish. Babble with glee when the two form a dynamite duo of babysitters in Tot Watchers and Busy Buddies. Howl with delight as Tom’s world goes to the dogs after Jerry befriends Butch in Fit to Be Tied and clap your fins with approval when Jerry rescues a lost seal in Little Runaway. That’s just a taste of the marvelous mayhem this mischievous mouse and crazy cat will unleash on your delighted family. Buy the DVD right here.

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Two And A Half Men

For six seasons, Charlie Harper has loved ’em and left ’em in ‘Two And A Half Men.’ In Season 7, he gets left. TV’s #1 comedy pulls a hilarious switcheroo when Charlie’s fiancée Chelsea meets a doctor (score one) who’s generous, thoughtful and mature (score three more). She vamooses, and Charlie – after pickling himself in booze and self-pity – handles the situation in typical Charlie fashion. Which means lots of laughs for Men fans. But Charlie isn’t the only Harper making cement-headed decisions. Alan decides the only thing that separates him from a love god is hair. So he tries the spray-on variety. And Jake decides what he needs to navigate the perilous waters of teenage dating is advice – from Charlie. Buy the Season 7 DVD right here.

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Who Is Clark Rockefeller?

Inspired by the true life tale of the notorious con man who eluded the FBI for years, director Mikael Saloman’s tense docudrama ‘Who Is Clark Rockefller?’ details the bizarre exploits of Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, whose elaborate façade began to unravel after he kidnapped his own daughter. With his cunning and chameleon-like ability to alter his appearance, skilled con artist “Clark Rockefeller” (Eric McCormack) effortlessly impersonated a variety of high profile figures. Buy the DVD right here.

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