‘Biggest Loser’: Ten Reasons to Watch Season 10

The Biggest Loser (NBC)

The Biggest Loser (NBC)

It’s time to drop those Twinkies and give us 10! Because starting tonight at 8pm, NBC is ushering in its 10th season of your favorite blubber-busting weight loss show ‘The Biggest Loser!’ And this time, you have to think BIG—real BIG.

For its milestone season, the show plays off the theme ‘Paying It Forward,’ which means the contestants won’t be losing those additional L-Bs just for themselves and their families but instead, will be taking what they learn on the ranch and inspiring others to shed their extra baggage.

Here are ten reasons to tune in:

No free rides. Want a look inside the casting process? Host Alison Sweeney and trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper hopscotch to seven cities all across America to have 21 contestant-hopefuls compete to earn their spot on the ranch! (You’ll never look at steps or one-mile ‘fun’ runs the same way again.)

A return of your favorite past contestants. If you like watching contestants from seasons prior make guest appearances on the show, you’ll see some of the most recent success stories return to motivate and inspire—yes, with their svelte bodies still intact.

Slideshow: Meet This Season’s Competitors!

Fiercer competition. And you thought you knew where that yellow line was staying—not this time! When final weigh-ins come round, expect to see the yellow line climbing up several notches and forcing as much as half of the contestants to vie for a spot back on the ranch!

Boot camp gets real. Get on your feet, soldiers! The contestants will trek out to Camp Pendleton and train like real marines! Hold onto your helmets because this exercise will be bring on dirt, sweat, and tears!

Jillian and Bob Get Scarier. You think you can talk back or roll your eyes at the Training Gods?! Some contestants test their limits and face weight-bearing Armageddon! Other backbreaking forms of punishment? Imagine Jillian or Bob’s entire body weight slammed on top of you. For reals.

Preview the new season:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Biggest-Loser/94197/1586534511/The-Biggest-Loser-Challenge/embed 580 476]

Making fun of the product plug-ins. We don’t know about you, but we kind of lost our marbles with the dizzying amount of Subway, Brita Water, yogurt, chewing gum, and Jenny-O Turkey product placements on ‘BL.’ Our way of coping? We just sit back and make fun of the bad acting.

Pushing it to the limits. Whether you’ve got a muffin top spilling over your trousers or you’re as thin as a bean pole, watching the make-or-break work out sessions would motivate anyone to slap on their dusty headbands and resurrect their Jane Fonda videos!

Granny and granpappy power! When you see Grandma or Grandpa outlast or even beat some of their younger counterparts on the ranch, you’re reminded that this game isn’t just about strength—it’s also about heart. Awwww.

Good cop, bad cop. We take bets on whose method will win-over the most contestants—the loving, angelic ways of Bob or the dragon-fire, butt-kicking ways of Jillian? Either way, the latter makes a few (temporary) enemies, which makes for juicy drama.

The emotional breakthroughs. When your full-time job is to get pummeled by an elliptical machine and get screamed at by two muscle-packed trainers, you better believe you’ll be throwing up…and not just literally. Seeing the contestants break down and break through their psychological and emotional walls makes us dive for the Kleenex box in a therapeutic sort of way.

So will you be tuning into ‘The Biggest Loser’s 10th season? What makes you keep watching?

The season premiere of ‘The Biggest Loser’ airs Tuesday at 8pm (ET) on NBC.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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