Bill Clinton on Chelsea’s Marriage and Dave’s Dancing Dog

When former president Bill Clinton does the late night rounds, it’s always a heady conversation, and considering the ever-growing political awareness that David Letterman’s been revealing in recent years, last night’s ‘Late Show’ was no exception. There was deep conversation about the Clinton Global Initiative and how the economy could be fixed by gearing manufacturing towards environmentally-sound projects, but he also spoke about his daughter Chelsea and her new husband.

“I give a lot of credit to her mother and I give a lot of credit to her,” he said about how he managed as a parent, “but we worked at it. We always tried to make her feel special and she was loved, but not special because of who her parents were, and I think she lives that way. It’s not really mysterious. Kids keep store, they pay attention, and you need to be there for them. They know if you have to work. They get that. There was a study about 15-20 years ago about people who made it against all the odds. Every one of them had a caring adult in their lives that made them feel like they were the most important person in the world to them. I don’t think this is really rocket science. But we worked at it. We were only able to have one child, and we really always thought it was our most important job.”

And the son-in-law? “I’ve known him since he was in high school,” Clinton explained. “He and Chelsea were the closest of friends for half their lives. They never even went out until about three years ago, and they either fell madly in love or realized they always had been and just didn’t know it.”

Dave suggested that, if he was in Clinton’s shoes, he would want the guy to be a little scared of the father of the bride. Clinton laughed it off, but said “He was good enough to come and ask for my permission, however, which I appreciated. It’s sort of an old-fashioned thing in this day and age, but that’s the kind of person he is and it really meant a lot to me.”

When it was suggested that the family is now balanced with two women and two men, Clinton quipped “Yeah, I finally have a chance. My main goal was to have a chance. Hillary wanted this marriage because she wants to be a grandmother more than she wanted to be president.”

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Letterman and Clinton also discussed the ex-president’s weight loss, which he attributes to getting serious about changing his diet and behaviors after having stents put in to unblock his arteries. “I just got the biggest benefit of it. I was backstage during the break and your dancing dog asked me to be her partner on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

In case you missed it, you gotta see that dog dancing the merengue

[iframe—The-Dancing-Dog/embed 580 476]
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