Desperate Martha Stewart Asks for Advice on Twitter

Martha Stewart (Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Martha Stewart (Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Martha Stewart’s two million Twitter followers are approximately infinity percent more people than tuned in for her cable debut on the Hallmark Channel last week.

OK, maybe not – but close. (In its premiere ‘The Martha Stewart Show‘ drew 61 percent fewer viewers than reruns of ‘The Golden Girls‘ did in the same time slot last year with 199,999.)

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Stewart took to Twitter this week to spread word of her new show in a series of typo-laden Tweets from cocktails at the ‘New York Botanic (sic) gardens.’

“I really want to know if you are finding our new tv programming on hallmark. Let $e know,” she wrote around 9 p.m. Tuesday. Her next two Tweets mentioned the show’s 10 a.m. time slot and the fact that the programming can be found on She apologized for the “typos!!$”, explaining she was using her Blackberry in the dark.

Apparently in an effort to stir up some discussion about her show and the kind of minutiae we’ve come to know she loves, she then Tweeted: “should the whatever girls sit on stools, a couch or chairs on their new program on hallmark??” (A reference to ‘Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer,’ hosted by Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, and pal Jennifer Koppelman Hutt.)

And: “should alexis change her hair style everyday??should jennifer always wear black stockings?”

That led to a Tweet reassuring followers that she was the one doing the bad typing.

The final one of the night responded to messages wondering if she was Tweeting tipsy: “i am not drunk-just curious if i can get some action going on twitter time to write my editor’s letter now.”

Wednesday morning, she no longer seemed to care what we think about Jennifer’s stockings. “the new york botanical garden hosted a great edible garden program last evening i spoke with several other great gardeners about using herbs.”

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