‘Supernatural’: 6 Things To Know About Season 6

Jensen Ackles in 'Supernatural' Season 6 (The CW)

Jensen Ackles in 'Supernatural' Season 6 (The CW)

The CW’s ‘Supernatural’ kicks off its new season this Friday at 9/8c, and the time slot isn’t the only change to be found. No, as one would expect from the sixth season of the five-season show, some big twists are in store, largely stemming from Sam’s return from hell – and his neglecting to tell Dean that he’s been back. For a year.

Fancast participated in a visit to ‘Supernatural’s set this week in Vancouver, where Jared Padalecki (Sam), Jensen Ackles (Dean) and one witty Brit (Mark Sheppard aka Crowley) served up several reasons to tune in.

FOR SAM, HELL WAS UTTER HELL: When Season 6 picks up and Sam reenters Dean’s world, “My character is different,” says Jared, “because I went to hell for a little bit, and not only hell but Lucifer’s cage with an archangel battle…. As Crowley says, ‘I cant imagine what it’s like in the cage, and I can imagine so many things. So we get the idea that Sam was in the slums of hell. He wasn’t in the penthouse.” All of which is a long way of saying, “I come back much less lovey-dovey . Sam is more, ‘No bulls—t’ this year.”

THE BOYS HAVE SOME FIGHT LEFT IN ‘EM: The bro-on-bro imbroglio suggested by the Season 6 trailer is no piece of misleading editing. No, “That actually happened,” Jensen confirms. “There are physical confrontations, verbal confrontations… They do fight.” But not all season long, not to worry. “They do have a common denominator in that they’re both hunters,” Ackles notes. “So they kind of get back on the right track eventually” – but not by Episode 8, which the actors were filming when we talked.

DEAN IS NO SOFTIE: Though Season 6’s early scripts tried to make him one. “There’s a big shift in Dean… actually much to my chagrin,” Jensen shared. “I was not happy with it. Dean was being written soft. I spent five years with this guy being a tough, ‘Shoot first, ask questions later’ kind of guy, and now all of a sudden he’s living a domesticated life [with Lisa and Ben] and gone soft on us.” Upset by this change, Jensen says, “I did my best to kind of curb that in the acting… I toughened it up a bit.”

SAM IS HARDENED:Sam’s not so heartfelt anymore,” says Padalecki, citing as one example the scene they were shooting the day of our visit. There, Sam – posing as a fed – tells a nosy detective, “Yeah, we’re specialists. We answer the questions of mouth-breathing d—kmonkeys.’ Stone-faced.” Says Jensen, “Dean’s reaction is like, [Cocks head] ‘OK!'” Shooting a proud look at his TV brother, he added, “He’s come so far.”

Watch a preview of Season 6, then read on:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Supernatural/94400/1592387902/Supernatural—Different-Preview/embed 580 476]

THE NECKLACE IS GONE: Did Sam fish Dean’s amulet out of the trashcan at the end of April’s “Dark Side of The Moon”? Jensen’s iffy on if we’ll ever spy the necklace again. “I think [series creator] Eric Kripke got so inundated with so many questions about that damn necklace that he was like, ‘You know what? Screw it… I’m melting it down.'” Then again, now that a new show runner (exec producer Sera Gamble) is in place, “She’s definitely got the power to bring it back,” says Ackles.

PREPARE TO BE FASCINATED: Mark Sheppard, who is back for an unspecified number of episodes as Crowley and comes off as a bona fide fan of ‘Supernatural,’ says that Season 6’s ambitious grand plan is “a testament to the boys, the show runners and the writers. There’s an awful lot at stake, and the motivation behind what people are doing seems to change.” (Similarly, Ackles said that toward the “meat of the season, everybody gets back on track and we find out why their motivations shifted a little bit.”)

Without revealing a lick more, Sheppard teased, “You’re going to be fascinated by where this goes.”

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