‘The View’s Search for Sexual Healing

The Ladies of 'The View' (Photo: ABC)

The Ladies of 'The View' (Photo: ABC)

The ladies on ‘The View‘ were looking for some sexual healing, ba-by! as Wednesday’s Hot Topics ranged from Ashton Kutcher’s alleged affair to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s “hottest member” comment about New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Ready for the zingers? Here we go!

Although she said she didn’t understand why this was newsworthy, good ole Babs Walters started the show off with Star Magazine’s latest cover story of Britney Jones, the 21-year-old woman who claims she and 32-year-old Ashton Kutcher (a.k.a. Mr. Demi Moore) had a one-night stand—with text messages to prove it!

“You can’t cheat and tweet—people need to understand that. You cannot do both!” said Joy Behar, referring to Kutcher’s love for micro-blogging his life to his 5 million-plus Twitter followers.

As for the supposed texting that went on between Kutcher and Jones, Elisabeth Hasselbeck commented on the irrationality of it all: “I don’t understand the texting when you know someone can eventually see it.”

“When you’re thinking with the little head, the big head shuts off,” explained Sherri Shepherd to a laughing audience.

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Before things got too dirty, Walters eventually brought up the scintillating issue of the politics of sexual harassment.

So whatever did ‘The View’ ladies think of Senator Harry Reid’s comment on New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand being “the hottest member” in the Senate?

Hasselbeck wasn’t for it at all and said it didn’t matter if Senator Gillibrand was fine with his remark since—depending on state law—he could still be in violation of sexual harassment.

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Surprisingly, Behar actually agreed with her younger conservative counterpart saying: “No wonder [the Senate] can’t get anything done—it’s like voting at Hooters! That is inappropriate talk!”

“It’s 2010! We should at least be decent and respectful of women in the office place … keep it to yourself!” added Hasselbeck.

What do you think of all this sexually charged talk on ‘The View’?

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