Letterman’s Colombian Theme Night: Sofia & Shakira

Perhaps accidentally, last night’s ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ wound up having a Colombian theme, featuring the ridiculously beautiful and voluptuous star of ‘Modern Family’ Sofia Vergara and the sultry songstress Shakira, not to mention some alpacas taking part in their ‘dancing animals week’ which kicked off with a merengue-dancing dog.

Even the lead guest James Franco managed to work into the theme homophonically, if not homographically. The interview started off with Dave showing a picture someone took of Franco falling asleep in one of his classes at Columbia University. Close enough, right?

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Vergara’s the one that brought up the coincidence that she was on the show with Shakira, who is from her home town of Barranquilla, Colombia, while Dave was asking her about her country. “We have the Andes, where those alpacas are from. Is this like, you know, the theme? The Latin theme? Shakira, the alpacas, me…” Reaching for her water mug, she asked “Is this Colombian coffee?”

To pile on the coinky-dinks, Vergara has even been on TV shows in the past with that very same merengue-dancing dog. “Now they’re making it such a big deal, I know that dog has been dancing for ten years! I’ve been in many TV shows with him. He’s a regular. That happened to me, too. People thought that now I am an overnight sensation, but I’ve been working, like, for twenty years.”

Dave continued asking about the landscape and various altitudes of Colombia, prompting Vergara to ask “What is your problem with altitude? I think you have an obsession.” Dave then sarcastically agreed that “I’m obsessed with topographical detail!”

She joked “I don’t understand, do I look like a topography to you? I’m just a hot Latin girl.” Dave hammed up a nod to the audience saying “I’m enjoying the topography! Don’t kid yourself!” Vergara caught on to the tawdry joke quickly, quipping “I do know about high peaks, but that’s all!”

If that wasn’t sexy enough, Shakira’s performance of “Loca” from her latest album Sale el Sol was a steamy dance number that involved a lot of those curvy slithering moves she’s known for, prompting Dave to turn to the audience afterwards and say “And now, ladies and gentlemen, please turn to page 65 in your hymnals.”

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