‘Lone Star’ Creator Pleads For More Viewers

'Lone Star's Adrianne Palicki, James Wolk and Eloise Mumford (Fox)

'Lone Star's Adrianne Palicki, James Wolk and Eloise Mumford (Fox)

Following this week’s dismal premiere, and trying to stave off almost certain cancellation, ‘Lone Star‘ creator and executive producer Kyle Killen turned proactive blogger and penned a passionate plea for viewers ahead of the airing of the series’ second – and possibly last – episode next Monday night on Fox.

“Do you like to root for the underdog?” he wrote on his blog. “Because I’ve got an underdog of epic proportions for you. We’re talking long, long shot. Like a legless horse in the Kentucky Derby. A blind basketball team facing the 95 Bulls. If somehow Rudy and Rocky had a baby it still wouldn’t be as big an underdog as our little show… Lone Star.”

“For us to survive we’re going to have to pull off a minor miracle,” he continued. “Statistically, new shows tend to lose viewers in their second week. We’re aiming to gain them. In fact, screw it, let’s just double our audience. The good news is, our audience was so small that if my Mom AND my Dad watch it we’ll pretty much be there.”

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Though unlikely to have an impact, Killen’s post is an interesting tactic (hey, if you aren’t going to cheer for yourself, why go to the party?) for a show that impressed a number of critics, including us, as a compelling nighttime soap, a throwback to ’80s-style sex ‘n suds in prime time. We thought it was a bit off-brand for the network, which may have also confused viewers. But perhaps there was a bigger problem – like the series’ premise.

‘Lone Star’ focuses on a con man juggling two identities and that might be off-brand not just for the network but for the entire country. In a Deadline.com story on this topic, a reader suggested that “If you REALLY think America is going to root for a con man after the BIGGEST con job in history was pulled by Wall Street on the American people, you need to wake up. Whoever greenlit this show in the current crisis should be fired.”

Harsh, but is it right? Or has there just been too much new and returning TV for ‘Lone Star’ to capture your time and attention?

Watch the premiere of ‘Lone Star’ above and let us know your thoughts.

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