Salahi Cohosts ‘Today’ with Kathie Lee & Hoda—to Our Horror

Michaele Salahi on 'The Today Show' (Photo: NBC)

Michaele Salahi on 'The Today Show' (Photo: NBC)

When ‘Real Housewives of D.C.‘ stars Tareq and Michaele Salahi allegedly snuck into the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner last year, we arched an eyebrow. When they breached national security and finagled their bagels into the White House State Dinner, we shook our fists in the air. But when we watched featherweight Michaele infiltrate the sacred ranks of Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford (a.k.a. KLG) as guest cohost on ‘The Today Show‘ Friday morning, we wanted to maul our flatscreens with those peanut butter banana fritters they cooked up on the last five minutes of the flippin’ show! Blasphemy, we say! Blasphemy!!!

The unlikely triplets, all dressed in mini one pieces with cuffs around their wrists, sat on the couch and played nice, but the real hosts kept things honest.

“Everywhere you go, crisis follows you!” exclaimed KLG to the notorious blond. In response Mrs. Salahi played victim (as is her custom) and also reiterated that, contrary to what the other Housewives have said, she indeed was a former NFL cheerleader for the Washington Redskins.

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As for the trash-talking on her emaciated figure? “[The other Housewives] think I’m anorexic … I have multiple sclerosis,” she said in her defense. She also stated that the rumors of her and her hubby getting fired or kicked off the show were untrue, and claimed they weren’t making one dollar off of any publicity—not even from the Barbie look-alikes of Michaele in her infamous Gate Crashing attire!

Although Salahi was off-camera during ‘SNL‘ man Seth Meyer’s interview, the comedian couldn’t help but throw in a jibe: “I should point out that Michaele Salahi’s not actually booked to be here today; she just sorta talked her way in.” Hoda and KLG laughed it off quickly and jumped into the interview.

Michaele, however, aptly participated in the segment entitled “Awkward Situations,” and we got to see her reading skills put to the test. She barely passed.

Last but not least, the producers allowed her to take part in the cooking portion of the show with ‘Bitchin’ Kitchen’ chef Nadia G, to which she exclaimed her fascination with tossing peanut butter into boiling oil! “I never cook!” she said. (Yes, we know; people who don’t eat usually don’t cook.)

Perhaps she had too much coffee or too much speed—we don’t know—but strangely, as Hoda, KLG, and the Facebook Girl (a.k.a. Sarah Haines) were signing off, Michaele decided to bump and grind an uncomfortable-looking Miss Kotb over and over again.

“Are you posing for Playboy or not?” Hoda asked Michaele in the hopes that she’d stop rubbing up against her. “What should I do? I’m so excited about that!” the bubbly blond asked rhetorically. Leave it to KLG to speak the truth: “Don’t do it: It’s just going to reinforce the negativity.”

Thankfully, as if she had been reading our minds, Facebook Girl’s ‘Status’ was written all over her face about the guest cohost, via a grimace and an-almost-roll-of-the-eyes.

We’ll click ‘Like’ on that one.

Will Michaele Salahi Do Playboy?

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