‘DWTS’ Week 1 Analysis: Brandy vs. Jennifer vs. Kyle

Jennifer Grey opened DWTS strong.  (ABC)

Jennifer Grey opened DWTS strong. (ABC)

Before any of the stars put their well-rehearsed twinkle toes on that dance floor, Brandy appeared to have captured the buzz as the one to beat on this season’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Unlike David, she had never danced her Hassel-hoff, but on paper, she had the most performing experience.

However, on premiere night, Dirty Dancer Jennifer Grey showed no one was going to stick Baby in a corner. Grey took the top spot with the high score of 24 out of 30, and one of the least well-known cast members, Kyle Massey, he of ‘Cory in the House’ and ‘That’s So Raven’ fame, was right behind her with the second highest score of 23 – the same as Brandy.

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Let’s take a look at the top three contenders right out of the gate:

Jennifer Grey

First Week Score: 24 [Watch Here]

Who’s Her Competition? “Everyone is just so good.”

How Bad Does She Want It? “What I’m most excited about is to reclaim something that gave me joy and that’s dance,” she said on the show. When asked in person about how bad she wants it, though, she told us, “I’m just happy I did well.”

My Take: She’s graceful, beautiful, in amazing shape, and looked elegant in her first waltz. However, I want to see more personality and hope it comes out in the faster dances. I also want to see her want it more. The desire doesn’t seem to be there.

Brandy [Watch Here]

First Week Score: 23

Who’s Her Competition: “I’m not really paying attention to anyone else now. Of course there are great performers in this competition. Kyle Massey was amazing tonight. Jennifer Grey was awesome. But I’m really trying to focus on being the best Brandy and really focus on listening to everything Maks has to tell me so I can do a good job in this competition.”

How Bad Does She Want It? “Very bad.” Why? “I think I’m trying to prove something to myself that I can do something new with the right focus and with positive thinking I can accomplish anything and that’s what I’m trying to prove to myself. I will do so much for the confidence in other areas of my life.”

My Take: She’s already firing on all cylinders – technique, fluidity, and a burning desire to win. My money’s on her.

Kyle Massey

First Week Score: 23 [Watch Here]

Who’s His Competition: “Jennifer Grey. She was great!”

How Bad Does He Want It? “I’m always out to win. No one goes in a situation prepared to lose and if you do you shouldn’t even be in that situation. Ha! Oh, I didn’t even think of The Situation! But, yeah, I’m here to win. That’s right. I’m here to win.”

My Take: I didn’t even think he was a contender, but he proved me wrong. He’s fun to watch and is a hard-worker. I think these ladies have a major competitor here.

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