Creator Of ‘The Event’ Promises Answers, And Soon

'The Eevent' (Photo: NBC)

'The Eevent' (Photo: NBC)

Nick Wauters, the creator and co-executive producer of the new NBC drama ‘The Event,’ promises answers in his mysterious show will start coming soon.

“One of the goals we set for ourselves (is) whatever mysteries we set up, to try to solve them pretty quickly so that the audience can join the party any time,” Wauters said in a conference call this week. He said NBC would be re-airing the pilot frequently in the coming weeks.

One big early question will be answered in the show’s second episode Monday, as the identity and purpose of the detainees, including Sophia (Laura Innes), is revealed.

And while he’s not saying just what the “event” is, Wauters promised it’s something that will happen “early on in the life of the show.”

“You’re going to get a little bit frustrated, that’s part of the fun,” Wauters said. “You’re going to follow our characters before the event, during the event and after the event. I’m hoping the sub-mysteries that we set up along the way will capture the attention of the audience.”

Some of the actors are in on the secret, including Ian Anthony Dale (Simon Lee), who learned in the conference call that his character might be getting a love interest.

Wauters also played coy about the show’s graphics, refusing to comment on whether that backward “E” in the title means anything.

Wauters said he was aware of some response that found the pilot’s flashback-heavy structure complicated and promised to make things “as easy to follow as possible.”

Down the road, flashbacks will be used more for character development, a la ‘Lost,’ than for plot, he said.
‘The Event’ scored a respectable but not overwhelming third-place finish in both total viewers (11.19 million) and adults 18-49 (3.7/ 9) in its Monday premiere, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Wauters dismissed any comparison between President Obama and his fictional President Elias Martinez (played by Blair Underwood), noting that he originally conceived the character four and a half years ago, before he’d even heard of Obama.

Since Wauters developed of the idea for his spec script, little about it has changed – except that NBC requested a sci-fi element, which it didn’t previously have. “I’m very much into sci-fi,” said Wauters, who previously wrote for the Syfy series Eureka’ and USA Network’s ‘The 4400.’

Wauters knows people are eager for hints about the show’s central question and he’s read some of the theories on-line. “I still haven’t read anything that’s actually guessed what the event is going to be,” he said.

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