Katie Couric Names Her ‘Glee’ Crush, Snuffs ‘DWTS’ Rumor

Katie Couric (Frederick M Brown/Getty Images)

Katie Couric (Frederick M Brown/Getty Images)

The anchorwoman wore flip-flops, but that was OK because it was a very informal occasion by Katie Couric’s own admission – a special webcast conducted Monday afternoon on CBSNews.com, marking the one-year anniversary of her self-styled Internet-only interview show called ‘@KatieCouric.’

“One of the nice things about doing this web show is it is more relaxed. The web in and of itself lends itself to a more casual setting, more casual interactions, so this is just part of that,” Couric said at the outset of the live chat, in which she was interviewed by producer Tony Maciulis, who also took questions via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

Here are six things we learned from Katie, 53, who has been the anchor for ‘The CBS Evening News’ since September 2006.

Her Favorite Guest In A Year Of ‘@KatieCouric’ Interviews:
“All of them have been memorable – from Justin Bieber to Glenn Beck to Hugh Jackman,” she said. “I have to say my favorite guest is Hugh Jackman, only because he is such a nice person. He’s so generous, he’s so relaxed. When you do interviews, some people really give you a lot and they understand what goes into giving a good interview and I always feel that Hugh always really comes to play and he’s just such an engaging guy with such a wonderful personality.”

The Sit-Down She’s Most Looking Forward To:
“I’m interviewing Clint Eastwood next week and I just saw his [upcoming] movie ‘Hereafter’. I’m very excited to talk to [him] because I think he’s just done remarkable work all through his life. He’s a real role model to me – someone who’s remained passionate and isn’t afraid to take risks in his work. “

The Get She Wants, But Hasn’t Yet Gotten: “I’ve been trying to get an interview with Steve Jobs for years now because he’s such a visionary and he’s so interesting, and I think we would have a lot to talk about. He, of course, has been very courageous in his health battles. Maybe… he doesn’t really want to talk about those things, and I respect that. [And] I was supposed to go down to Alabama when they had that 50th anniversary of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird‘ [earlier this year] and I was going to have a one-on-one meeting with [reclusive author Harper Lee]. At the last minute, it fell through. I was crestfallen.”

Why She Has Embraced Social Media Such As Twitter and Facebook: “I think it was just this slow, sure realization that in some ways I’m working in a horse-and-buggy industry when everybody’s starting to drive Model T’s. And I think that there is this huge transformation going on in the media world, and I think that there’s going to be significant overlap of content. I give graduation speeches all the time and I tell kids [to] stay in touch, learn new technology, understand what’s going on in the world around you because everything changes. And you don’t want to be using a typewriter when everybody else is using a computer.”

Who’s Her “Celebrity Crush”?:
“Mr. Schuester, Matthew Morrison from ‘Glee,’” she said in response to this question from a fifth grader in Charlotte, N.C. “I think he’s so cute, plus he was in ‘South Pacific,’ he’s so talented, he’s got an amazing voice, obviously, but he’s also an incredible dancer and he’s just… I just think he’s great.”

Does She Truly Long To Go ‘Dancing With the Stars’?: “I was kind of kidding about that! I think I was at some event [and she was asked about ‘DWTS’]. I’ve said this before: I was just kind of kidding around, but I like watching the show when I can.”

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