New On DVD This Week: Scrubs, CSI, Rich Man, Poor Man, The Cleveland Show


Allowing millions of fans to complete their collections of one of the most outrageous comedies on TV, ‘Scrubs: The Complete Collection‘ is now available on DVD. This exciting collectible contains Scrubs memorabilia for die-hard fans, including an official Sacred Heart ID badge, X-ray cover of the cast, plus every episode from all nine hilarious seasons, and even more laughs with an entire exclusive bonus disc! This special collection features all the offbeat episodes of the hugely popular series, creating the ultimate must own for quirky and outrageous laugh-out-loud moments, with star Zach Braff as Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian, Donald Faison as Chris Turk, John C. McGinley as Perry Cox, Eliza Coupe as Denise and Sarah Chalke as Elliott Reid. Buy the complete collection right here.

Also available is ‘Scrubs’ Season 9, which features every final season episode of one of ABC’s most beloved comedies, complete and uninterrupted, along with never-before-seen bonus materials that fans will love, including bloopers, hilarious deleted scenes and much more. Special bonus features include “Scrubbing In” – from the halls of Sacred Heart Hospital, to the halls of Winston University, this cool bonus feature allows viewers to meet the talented newcomers to Season 9, along with insights from Show Creator Bill Lawrence, and veteran actors Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke and Live From The Golf Cart. Buy the Season 9 DVD right here.

Rich Man, Poor Man

Before ‘Roots,’ Lonsesome Dove,’ and ‘Centennial,’ there was ‘Rich Man, Poor Man,’ the multiple-award winning television miniseries starting Peter Strauss that spanned decades and generations tracing the epic story of the Jordache family from 1945 to the late 1960s. This epic set brings together all 34 episodes from Books I and II of this classic 1970s series based on Irvin Shaw’s best-selling novel in a 9-disc collector set, plus an all-new candid interview with Strauss. One of the most honored productions in television history, including four Emmy Awards, this “holy grail” of classic TV features an all-star cast including Nick Nolte, Ed Asner, Bill Bixby, Susan Blakely, and Robert Reed, to explore the timeless themes of the disillusionment of the American dream and the difficulties of human relationships. Encompassing a period of tremendous social and political upheaval, the series focuses in particular on Rudy Jordache (Strauss) and his troubled brother Tom (Nolte) as they navigate divergent paths away from their impoverished immigrant upbringing. While ambitious Rudy seems destined for success, Tom suffers from an endless string of bad luck—but in the end, finds love. An absorbing and masterful portrait of a fascinating and ill-fated family, ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’ recaptures a landmark moment in American broadcasting history. Buy the complete collection right here.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘ is a fast-paced drama about a passionate team of forensic investigators trained to solve crimes the old-fashioned way – by examining the evidence. “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” is on the case 24-7, scouring the scene, collecting irrefutable evidence and finding the missing pieces that will solve the mystery. Buy the Season 10 DVD right here.

The Cleveland Show

From the mastermind of ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane comes the outrageous spinoff ‘The Cleveland Show.’ Season 1 is now available on DVD. When the lovable, mild-mannered Cleveland Brown moves back to his hometown in Virginia to start a new life with his old high school sweetheart, their fledgling family faces everything from crazy redneck neighbors to an outrageously overcrowded honeymoon in this uproarious animated romp.  Featuring the voices of MacFarlane, Mike Henry, Sanaa Lathan, and Nia Long, Season 1 also includes all-star guest appearances by Kanye West, Arianna Huffington, Will Forte, writer-director David Lynch and more. The Season 1 DVD collection includes 21 episodes on four discs and features cast and crew commentary, uncensored audio and video, deleted scenes, a table read with Kanye West, the Earth, Wind & Fire Christmas music video “Get Your Hump On” and more. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

Secret Agent AKA Danger Man

He always fights fair. He rarely carries a gun. And he never falls into bed with the girl. He’s John Drake, a spy like no other, who set the standard for all the international spies who came after him. It was 1965 when American audiences first welcomed handsome secret agent Drake (Patrick McGoohan), a top operative for Britain’s M9 Intelligence Agency, into their homes on the unique CBS spy series known as Secret Agent. Now, Drake’s entire crime-solving career – all 86 episodes of the fan-favorite British spy TV series – will be available in an updated, 18-DVD, sleek double thin-pak collector’s edition definitive set ‘Secret Agent AKA Danger Man’ complete collection. Before he made TV history with the landmark series The Prisoner, the Emmy Award-winning McGoohan rocketed to stardom and set a new standard for small-screen spies with his unforgettable portrayal of the principled Drake. Wielding brains and a moral outlook instead of weapons, Drake traveled to the corners of the globe on the trail of international criminals, corrupt politicians, and stolen secrets in this smart, suspenseful series. This definitive and singular collection includes every thrilling episode of the ground-breaking spy series presented in the original broadcast order — from the U.K. season to the 47 international episodes. Buy the complete set right here.

Legend Of The Seeker

Return to a world of fantasy, adventure and romance with ‘Legend of the Seeker: The Final Season,’ now available on DVD. The battle between good and evil continues in this 5-Disc/22 Episode DVD Box Set. Relive every moment uninterrupted, plus enjoy more than five exclusive bonus features from the hit TV Series that is based on Terry Goodkind’s “The Sword of Truth” novels. Millions of readers the world over have been held spellbound by this valiant tale vividly told. In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father, a mysterious woman, Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan), appears in Richard Cypher’s (Craig Horner) forest sanctuary seeking help…and more. His world, his very beliefs, are shattered when ancient debts come due with thundering violence. In their darkest hour, hunted relentlessly, tormented by treachery and loss, Kahlan calls upon Richard to reach beyond his sword-to invoke within himself something more noble. Neither knows that the rules of battle have just changed…or that their time has run out. This is the beginning. One story. One Rule. Witness the birth of a legend and buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

King Kong

Captured on blu-ray at last comes ‘King Kong‘ – one of the greatest horror films of all time. Memorable moments abound: a moviemaking expedition on a fantastic isle filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures; the giant simian’s lovestruck obsession with the film shoot’s blonde starlet (scream queen Fay Wray); Kong’s capture; his Manhattan rampage; and the fateful finale atop the Empire State Building, where Kong cradles his palm-sized beloved and swats at machine-gunning airplanes. “It was beauty killed the beast.” But in these and other great scenes, King Kong lives forever. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

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Top Gear

Season 13 of the BAFTA-winning show ‘Top Gear‘ kids, roars and explodes its way back onto DVD, with man versus machine experiments, exhaustive road tests of the latest models, a look back at the history of motoring, weekly power tests featuring the world’s most exotic super-cars… and a surprise revelation. Hot on the heels of their epic challenge in Vietnam, Jeremy, Richard and James are no less ambitious for Season 13. James goes for a ride with stunt-driving legend Ken Block; Richard travels to Abu Dhabi to test the new Lambo Murcielago LP640-4 SV; the boys buy three £1,500 rear-drive sports cars and somehow find themselves entered in a terrifying French ice race. Elsewhere, Jeremy and James attempt to understand what makes a great Volkswagen advertisement – and then try to film one of their own. Rather predictably, it doesn’t go well. And in a television-first, the mysterious Stig takes off his helmet to reveal just who he really is. Buy the Season 12 DVD right here.

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Paranormal State

It’s not your imagination … it’s Season 4 of the hit ‘Paranormal State.’ This Halloween, travel deep into the strange and mysterious – and often terrifying – with Paranormal Research Society (PRS) founder Ryan Buell and his team of investigators as they attempt to unravel inexplicable phenomena including sixth-sense experiences, ghost sightings, demonic disturbances, and brushes with the darkest areas of the unknown. Founded by Buell in 2001 at Penn State University, the PRS works tirelessly to unravel the truth behind harrowing real-life mysteries, hauntings and ghostly phenomena, and is one of the most recognized paranormal societies in the nation. Through the use of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recordings and video documentation, and with the help of renowned psychics, demonologists, psychologists and counselors, the PRS explores these bizarre cases in the hopes of helping frightened people who have nowhere else to turn.
In Season 4, the PRS travels to: New Jersey, where a couple believes spirits in their home are influencing their behavior; North Carolina, where the team attempts to stop the force allegedly causing violent outbursts in a 3-year-old girl; and northern Pennsylvania, where guests are fleeing a famous hotel due to frightening reports of paranormal activity. Experience all 12 bone-chilling episodes of Season 4, plus additional bonus footage, on two DVDs and buy the DVD right here.

Family Guy

Drugs, sex, booze, violence and porn… they have dealt with it all, but the Griffin clan have never been so hilariously controversial when the most infamous unaired episode ‘Family Guy: Partial Terms of Endearment‘ is now available uncensored on DVD. Deemed too contentious to air on network television, the jokes stretch from here to maternity in a freakin’ poignant tale of what happens when Lois agrees to become a surrogate mother for an infertile couple against Peter’s wishes. A fan-favorite and censor’s nightmare since its freakin’ sweet inception in 1999, the debauchery of the boundary-pushing series is showcased in one of the most talked about episodes. The top selling seasonal TV franchise ever, ‘Family Guy’ features the voice talents of creator Seth MacFarlane and comedic actors Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis and Mike Henry. Buy the Partial Terms of Endearment DVD right here.

Magic & Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals

For years, the passion they shared for winning made Earvin “Magic” Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers and Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics the most bitter of rivals. Narrated by Liev Schrieber, ‘Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals‘ chronicles the fierce competition between the pair. Beyond the game, the documentary provides insight into the lives of both athletes and what made them who they are – intensely competitive athletes who reinvigorated the NBA and led the league to the highest-rated NCAA final. The special traces the history of the antagonism between Johnson and Bird, which began 30 years ago they led their schools (Michigan State and Indiana State) to the 1979 NCAA Championship game. Buy the DVD right here.

The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries

Hailed by critics as one of the finest mystery series ever filmed, ‘The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries,‘ Set 2 is now available on DVD. Based on the novels by beloved crime writer Dorothy L. Sayers, the late Ian Carmichael stars as the debonair sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey in these wittily scripted and lavishly produced BBC adaptations. The mysteries ranked with Upstairs, Downstairs as the most successful series on Masterpiece Theatre in the 1970s, and the mysteries were so popular they inspired PBS’s spin-off series Mystery!. Set 2 includes the final three feature-length mysteries: Murder Must Advertise, Five Red Herrings, and The Nine Tailors. Buy the Set 2 DVD right here.

Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch’ Season 6 is now available on DVD!The highest-rated season of this Emmy-winning Discovery Channel series is a five-disc set that includes a bonus episode that pays tribute to the late Captain Phil Harris. In addition, the latest five episode season of After The Catch, hosted by Mike Rowe, is available exclusively on this Special Edition DVD. Season 6 follows five skippers and their crews as they embark for the far northern reaches of the planet, where extreme fisherman still ply the Bering Sea. Adventure is their call, crab is their prey, and a $100 million plunder is their reward. The crews endure boat-killing storms and mind-numbing working conditions. In this captivating DVD set, Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen, a 30-year veteran and third generation fisherman, will match skills again his old rivals, Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, the Hillstrand brothers of the Time Bandit and Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard. Joining the fray is legendary Skipper Wild Bill and his crew on the F/V Kodiak. Buy the DVD exclusively at

Thundarr The Barbarian

Man’s civilization is cast in ruin when a runaway planet speeds between the Earth and the Moon, unleashing cosmic destruction. Two-thousand years later, Earth is reborn from the ashes with a savage landscape, strange creatures and a primitive sense of justice. But one man fights to spread peace throughout the land: he is Thundarr the Barbarian and you can own All 21 Exciting Adventures in a 4-Disc Collection starring Thundarr and his companions Ookla the Mok and sorceress Princess Ariel. Using their strength, courage and wits plus Thundarr’s magical Sunsword, they journey from village to village, liberating slaves and battling all kinds of beasts, mutants, wizards, thieves and robots. The future of Earth may be shrouded in darkness, but Thundarr the Barbarian bursts into action as a shining symbol of hope for humanity. Buy the complete collection at

Iron Man 2

In ‘Iron Man 2,’ the world is aware that billionaire inventor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is the armored Super Hero Iron Man. Under pressure from the government, the press and the public to share his technology with the military, Tony is unwilling to divulge the secrets behind the armor because he fears the information will slip into the wrong hands. With Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) at his side, Tony forges new alliances and confronts powerful new forces. Buy the DVD right here.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Based on the DC Comics series/graphic novel “Superman/Batman:Supergirl” by Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner & Peter Steigerwald, ‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’ is produced by animation legend Bruce Timm and directed by Lauren Montgomery (Justice League: Crisis on TwoEarths). In ‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’, a spaceship splashes down in Gotham City Harbor — leading Batman and Superman to encounter a mysteriousKryptonian with powers as great as those of the Man of Steel. The Kryptonian is soon revealed to be Kara, cousin of Superman, who takes her under his wing to educate her about the ways of Earth. However, the villainous Darkseid has other plans. Seeing an opportunity to finally defeat Superman, Darkseid abducts and gains control of Kara, utilizing the powerful Kryptonian to do his bidding. It’s up to Batman and Superman to save Kara, but they’ll have to take the fight to Darkseid within his hostile world – where unknown, deadly threats lurk around every corner, including a brainwashed Kryptonian able to match Superman blow-for-blow. Buy the Blu-ray special pack right here.

Midsomer Murders

Offering four contemporary, stand-alone mysteries from the top-selling British mystery franchise, ‘Midsomer Murders’, Set 16 is now available on DVD. The feature-length mysteries in Set 16 have not aired in the U.S. and are available to U.S. audiences for the first time. The DVD 4-volume boxed set also includes an episode commentary by John Nettles and Jane Wymark. Continually reaching new heights of popularity, Midsomer Murders counts Johnny Depp and even the Queen among its ardent fans. Inspired by the novels of Caroline Graham, modern master of the English village mystery, Midsomer Murders combines quirky characters and surprising mysteries with postcard-perfect English village settings and the ever-charming John Nettles (Bergerac) as the unflappable Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. Jason Hughes also stars as his earnest, efficient protégé, Detective Sergeant Ben Jones. Guest stars include Simon Williams, Pooky Quesnel, Ronald Pickup, and Tim Pigott-Smith. Buy the Set 16 DVD right here.

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