Britney Spears’ Top 5 Most Memorable TV Appearances

Britney Spears Heather Morris on Glee (FOX)

Britney Spears Heather Morris on Glee (FOX)

Tonight, the much anticipated Britney Spears episode of ‘Glee‘ debuts.  The pop star and the hit television show have a lot in common. Both are wildly polarizing. Both have been known to inspire even people who profess to hate them to get up and dance. Both are known for their outstanding choreography.  Both are derided for their reliance on autotune.  Unlike the Madonna and Lady Gaga themed ‘Glee’ episodes, which featured the stars’ songs but not the stars themselves, Britney will appear on the show.  Photos have been released of her with Glee’s Brittany (Heather Morris), who will perform her first solo song in the episode. In celebration, we’re counting down Britney’s most memorable previous television appearances.

5. ‘Will & Grace’: “Buy Buy Baby” (2006)
In 2006, Britney lampooned the conservative values she espoused during her teen years when she played a Christian talk show host on the sitcom ‘Will & Grace.’   At first her character of Amber Lynn seemed to be the antithesis of the flamboyant Jack (Sean Hayes). She planned a cooking segment called the crucifixins and announced that anyone who did not support President Bush was a traitor.  Later she revealed that it was all an act.  She was actually a “hardcore lesbian” into a variety of kinky sex acts.  The dialogue was hilarious, although at times Brit Brit seemed to be reciting her lines as if they were a book report.

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4. Britney and Kevin: ‘Chaotic‘ (2005)
Everyone was shocked when Britney married back-up dancer Kevin Federline.  Their relationship tarnished her image.  She was no longer the glamorous pop princess that little girls aspired to be.  She was a hot mess who was photographed wandering around a gas station barefoot.  For some reason, Britney (or her handlers) decided to produce a reality show about the doomed relationship.  Ostensibly chronicling her Onyx Hotel tour, much of the footage was shot by Britney herself on a camcorder showing the not so dynamic duo having conversations so inarticulate that they required subtitles. But it sure was compelling.

Preview tonight’s episode:

[iframe 580 476]

3. ‘How I Met Your Mother’: “Everything Must Go” (2008)
Britney was stuntcast on ‘How I Met Your Mother‘ after her highly publicized nervous breakdown.  It turns out that her time out of the spotlight was exactly what she needed to improve her comic timing.  She was genuinely funny as a mousy receptionist whose crush on Ted (Josh Radnor) soon turned her into a stalker.  The twist came at the end when Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) decided to be her rebound guy and she perkily suggested they have casual sex.  Britney did such a good job that the producers brought her back for another episode.

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2. MTV Video Awards: Gimme Moore Performance (2007)
Five years after her iconic kiss, Britney Spears had gone from pop star to train wreck.  Her performance at the 2007 VMAs was supposed to be the first step in her comeback.  Instead, she showed up overweight and  underehearsed.  Clad in a bra and panties, she attempted a pole dance as she lip synced to her new song Gimme Moore.  It was obvious that she did not remember her choreography.  Reports surfaced that Britney skipped numerous rehearsals and insisted on wearing an unflattering outfit instead of the custom made corset she was supposed to wear. The audience, both at the show and at home, watched in horror.  It was memorable, for all the wrong reasons.

1. MTV Video Music Awards: Madonna Kiss (2003)
It was, depending on your point of view, incredibly sexy or incredibly cynical.  Britney, having transitioned from teen lolita to adult sex kitten, kissed Madonna on the lips during the opening of the 2003 VMAs.  The performance began with Britney and Christina Aguilera singing Like a Virgin, clad in identical wedding dresses.  Then Madonna joined them to perform her long forgotten song Hollywood.  As Britney’s ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake watched from the audience, Madonna and Britney locked lips.  Years later, everyone remembers the moment, though nobody remembers that Madonna also kissed Christina. That’s the power of Britney.

Are you excited for Brit’s ‘Glee’ debut? Did we miss any other memorable moments? Let us know in the comments!

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