Garry Shandling, Kevin Feige Talk ‘Iron Man 2’ Blu-Ray

The Blu-ray version of Iron Man 2 is released today, and Garry Shandling – who played Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) nemesis Senator Stern in the film – is very excited about the extras it features.

“I’m excited really to see the Iron Man 2 DVD,” Shandling said, “because the work on that movie was so free, was so loose while being focused and so much fun and so much improvisation that there’s just got to be tons of stuff that’s going to be interesting to watch. All of those actors and Jon Favreau are constantly creating in the moment. That’s actually what I look forward to seeing because that’s what my favorite thing is. My favorite thing to do is creating in the moment. I often can’t convince women that, but that is my favorite thing. I don’t have any kids, and yet my favorite thing is creating in the moment. How is that possible?”

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Producer Kevin Feige went into more specifics about those extras, which includes eight deleted scenes, an alternate opening that featured Tony Stark drunkenly vomiting into a toilet, a long form “Ultimate Iron Man” making-of documentary and an in-depth look at Marvel’s movie universe called the S.H.I.E.L.D. Date Vault.

“The S.H.I.E.L.D. Data Vault goes back to a discussion we had during Iron Man 1 and was something we knew we wanted to include on Iron Man 2,” Feige said. “The documentary was something else we planned from the beginning. As you can tell, Jon was very open to having cameras on set and sharing the process with the fans. With more disc space we were able to offer the long form documentary, and superb video and audio quality, as well as the multiple viewing modes, allowing viewers the choice of how deep they want to delve into the extra content. In many respects, we’re fans first and tried to put on the disc the kinds of things we would want to see.”

The suitcase suit is the thing we are most proud of and was the very first new suit we discussed,” he noted, “because it was right out of the books and because at the time we had no idea how we were going to pull it off. It’s a testament to the great work of designer Ryan Meinerding and the designers at D-neg that it became this film’s showcase suit and is on the cover of the Blu-ray.”

No hints on potential hidden treats, though. “The fun thing about Easter Eggs is letting people discover them themselves,” he said, “and while many have been discussed already, there are others still waiting to be found and many that may not become clear until you see our future releases.”

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