‘Smallville’s Final Season: Reader Questions Answered, Part 1

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Tom Welling in 'Smallville' (The CW)

Tom Welling in 'Smallville' (The CW)

All of your favorites from The CW’s ‘Smallville‘ (Fridays at 8/7c) gathered in Vancouver this past weekend evening to celebrate the Warner Bros. TV-produced series’ 200th episode, which will air October 15. With the main cast and executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson on hand, I arrived on the red carpet armed with a slew of questions from you, the fans. Here is Part 1 of the answers they shared.

Kara (played by ‘V’s Laura Vandervoort) is returning to “teach” Clark something that will help him become Superman. Does Kara learn anything from Clark? – Christine S.
Indeed, she does. Tom Welling, though, had to think for just the right words to tease that lesson learned. “Clark teaches her that sometimes…. How do I word this?… that sometimes you don’t need a lot of attention to get the job done.” That sounds like a reference to how Kara/Supergirl becomes a bit of a celebrated media darling during her Oct. 8 visit.

Last season, the interactions between Tess and Clark tended to be pretty intense and violent. How would Cassidy Freeman describe their interactions this season? – Valerie
Through Episode 8, “They’ve been pretty professional,” Cassidy answers. “I think Tess is still trying to prove herself to him and let him know that she’s on his side – and he’s hesitant to believe her, understandably. So they’re still playing that cat-and-mouse game.”

What’s the story on the return of the General and Lucy Lane? – blackdashund via Twitter
Episode 7, featuring the return of Michael Ironside and Peyton List (‘Mad Men’), “is so fun,” Erica Durance reports. “It’s all about Clark discovering a bit about why Lois is a little wacky, and where she comes from. But it’s also sweet, and loving.” So, is Lois expecting this visit from her fam? “No, she’s not. She gets a big surprise,” Erica says with a laugh, “and in a really embarrassing situation!” Ergo the episode’s title, “Ambushed”?

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The producers said at Comic-Con that “Reckoning” (‘Smallville’s 100th episode) was their favorite, but that “Homecoming” (the 200th) was likely to replace it. What aspects of “Reckoning” are likely to be referenced in “Homecoming”? – Elizabeth
Exec producer Kelly Souders answers, “There’s one moment in particular that will remind everybody of ‘Reckoning,’ and it concerns something that Clark has not been able to escape.” (Elizabeth: You can look count on me sharing more Episode 200 intel as its Oct. 15 air date gets closer.)

When will Allison Mack be back as Chloe? – Gloria
Mack, who is set to appear in five episodes of ‘Smallville’s final season, took a break to appear in the off-Broadway play ‘Love, Loss And What I Wore,’ and has yet to shoot an episode since the premiere. Her best-case timetable? “We’re talking about November, [to air in] the middle of the season,” she says. Turning to the here and now, I asked Allison why Chloe swapped her freedom for boyfriend Oliver’s. “Oh, well, geez – look at him!” she said with a big grin, gesturing at hunky costar Justin Hartley. “Wouldn’t you?”

How does Oliver react to Chloe going missing? – Abigail
“It’s really hard for someone like Oliver to comprehend,” says Justin Hartley. “He is sitting there like, ‘What does that even mean?’” But know this: The bad news won’t bring back the dark-and-broody Green Arrow seen in early Season 9. Instead, “He’ll get intense on you,” Justin says. “He’ll get motivated and intense.”

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Do you know what role Erica Cerra (‘Eureka’) has in Episode 5, “Isis”? – Shelby
What we do know: Lois will be possessed by the titular Egyptian goddess during the episode. What we don’t know: If Cerra will play an Isis as well, as suggested by the sometimes-suspect IMDb. So why the big secret? “I don’t know if [Cerra's role] is so much a secret as it’s an episode thematically about Lois and Clark, and Isis is the vehicle to tell that story,” says EP Brian Peterson. “[Cerra] is definitely an important part of it, but it’s really a Lois-and-Clark episode, and that’s what we’ve been focusing on.”

Lindsay Hartley (‘Passions’) is playing “Harriet” on ‘Smallville.’ What is her role and contribution to the show? – HollsWarnock via Twitter
More specifically, Justin Hartley’s actress wife is playing Mad Harriett, a DC Comics character who does dirty work for Granny Goodness (spied in ‘Smallville’s Season 9 finale). “She’s one of her minions, if you will,” Lindsay says, “and she has a claw. That’s the weapon she uses to kill people.” Though Harriet is “very evil and trying to hurt Clark,” Hartley hopes to get her flirt on with the Daily Planet‘s mild-mannered reporter. “I haven’t shot those scenes yet,” she says, “but I kind of want to add a wicked little something.”

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