The Big Tease: Scoop On NCIS, Fringe, V, Good Wife and More

'NCIS' Michael Weatherly, 'Fringe's John Noble and 'V's Elizabeth Mitchell (CBS/FOX/ABC)

'NCIS' Michael Weatherly, 'Fringe's John Noble and 'V's Elizabeth Mitchell (CBS/FOX/ABC)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Do you have any hints as to why Robert Wagner is coming back to ‘NCIS‘? – Carlee
I turn this first question over to the Hintmaster himself, Shane Brennan. “R.J. Wagner’s return as the charming Anthony DiNozzo Sr. recaptures all the fun and chaos that resulted from his last visit,” the ‘NCIS’ boss tells the Big Tease. What’s more, he says the encore “reveals an emotionally charged moment between father and son that’s not to be missed.” So hinty!

I’m obsessed with what ‘Fringe’s Anna Torv said about Olivia finding a new ally in the alternate universe. Did she give any other clues? – Deb
Did Anna? No. John Noble? Maybe. When I questioned alt-Broyles’ allegiance to the Secretary of Defense, Noble responded, “Broyles is a strong character. Now, how much he’ll go along with things is to be revealed.”

‘Fringe’s Anna Torv: Olivia Will Find Another Alt-World Ally

Are we going to see more of the hybrid baby when ‘V‘ returns? – Susan
“Ohhh yeah,” exec producer Steve Pearlman told me during my visit to the ABC series’ Vancouver set last week. “You’ll see the hybrid in Episode 1” (premiere date TBD).  As for the little one’s appearance, “It won’t necessarily look very human,” he teased.

Did your visit to the ‘V‘ set turn up any scoop on what “red sky” is or does? – Greg
Though Elizabeth Mitchell wouldn’t spill any specifics, she said the answer “definitely satisfied me” and it “happens in the first five minutes…. all kinds of really horrifying things.” And yet, somehow, Anna will spin it as a good thing for humanity. Somewhere in outer space lays a very savvy publicist.

Please give me some scoop on ‘The Good Wife‘! – Karen
Oh, tonight’s season premiere is a fine hour. That “intimate” scene that made headlines a few weeks back? Well-played. Also, the way Kalinda meets her new rival (‘FNL’s Scott Porter) is pretty awesome, as is their ongoing prickly banter (he knows a secret of hers that she very much doesn’t like him knowing); Eli acquires a new cohort; Michael Ealy (‘Sleeper Cell’) fits in smoothly as a new partner with big ideas; and Will has been named one of the area’s most eligible bachelors (ouch, Alicia!).

Thank you so much for the ‘CSI: NY‘ Q&A. Did Pam Veasey say nothing about Adam, though? – QueenLillith
Well, she offered this: “Adam gets a little hair on his chest in Episode 2,” which airs this Friday at 9/8c. The storyline: A woman appears to be strangled while participating in a live online chat that Adam witnesses. Ah, the perils of this Internet thing.

‘CSI: NY’ Returns On A New Night, With A New Face And Old Foes

I hope Claire Forlani is coming back to ‘CSI: NY‘ as Mac’s love interest. Any hints? – starskybabe
As revealed in last Friday’s Q&A: Madchen Amick, maybe. Claire Forlani, no.

Do the folks at ‘Human Target‘ feel like they’re shooting a James Bond film with every episode? Because it sure feels like one! – Joel
Exec producer Matt Miller must agree. “Between our incredible stunt coordinator (Emmy nominee Dean Cho) and our producer-director Steve Boyum, who spent the majority of his career as a stunt man, we have the best stunts on television,” he boasts. And what sort of explodey goodness is on tap for Season 2, premiering this Friday at 8/7c? “For our eighth episode, our kind of ‘holiday ‘episode, we really wanted to destroy a mall,” Miller says. “We wanted a cool set piece where Chance is just wreaking havoc in a mall.” I suggested the episode title “A Very Human Target Christmas” – cross fingers!

Will ‘Smallville‘s Clark ever say to Lois the words, “I love you”? – Nicole
First, let’s ask Clark himself. “I would think so,” Tom Welling told me Saturday night at the show’s 200th episode party. “I’m not sure what exactly they have in store for [the final season], but Lois is definitely a part of Clark’s future.” And now, the executive producers. “There will be epic romance, that we can say,” teases Brian Peterson. Adds Kelly Souders: “Definitely watch the 200th episode” (airing Oct. 15).

How about some scoop on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith? – Kazzer
This is the week Mer tells Derek that she had a miscarriage. But also on the horizon are some powerhouse scenes on the sisterly front. As the aftermath of the shooting continues to play out and “Meredith begins mothering everybody, Lexie is like, ‘Hey, what about me? I don’t understand where you’ve been for me in this,'” Chyler Leigh previews. That leads to “several really great scenes between the two of us, where we really define what our relationship is.”

Exclusive: ‘Supernatural’ Summons ‘Smallville’ Spellcaster

Any info on Jensen Ackles‘ ‘Supernatural‘ directorial debut? – DeanGirl1 via Comments
If by info you mean raves, here’s one castmate’s take on Jensen’s turn behind the camera: “The truth of the matter is he’s a natural,” Mark Sheppard (Crowley) tells Fancast. “He was extraordinarily well-prepared, and he’s very good at getting what he wants. It was fun for me and Jim [Beaver] to….” To what? Frak, Mark caught himself and stopped short of spoiling. But he did share this about the Crowley/Bobby teaser shown at Comic-Con this summer: “That is a fabulous, really fun scene – and that’s not all of the scene either. There’s a lot of stuff going on.”

Do you have any new scoops for ‘Sons Of Anarchy‘s Gemma? – Evee
You know how nothing comes between Ms. Teller-Morrow and her brood? Well, I hear that later this season, as part of a plan to find grandson Abel, Gemma’s allegiance to her family is demonstrated via a desperate act that is her most shocking exploit yet. When I asked my source if it’s the same “shocking act” that I Big Tease’d a ways back, I was laughed at and told that that act is “sooooo tame” compared to the one teased here.

Please tell me that Marti and Savannah’s ‘Hellcats‘ friendship will not devolve into a catty thing over Dan! I love those girls together, and I don’t want to see their friendship torn apart over a guy. – VM
It might not get downright catty, but envision more of a small kitten. As Ashley Tisdale notes, “There’s a bit of a flirtation there between Dan and Marti – you just know they have a history – so for Marti and Savannah it’s going to be up and down.” And what might said “history” entail? When we saw Matt Barr (Dan) last week, he cryptically shared, “I just got some big news [from the producers] about Marti and Dan’s background [and] it’s something that really does define their relationship.”

‘Gossip Girl’ Season Preview: Reunions, Romance And Baby Blues

You seem to be the only source of ‘Make It Or Break It‘ news – whatcha got? – Irena
What I’ve got is a correction to my scoop on Sean Maher’s guest-starring role. Turns out the ‘Firefly’ alum is going to be playing a National Gymnastics Organization official who starts poking around Emily’s life. Though I’m sure he would’ve done fine as a gymnast.

Last week’s ‘Terriers‘ – WTF?! – Joe
I’m assuming that’s a request for scoop on the shadowy figure seen slinking into the crawl space of Hank’s house? That out-of-left field mystery “is resolved pretty quickly,” says Donal Logue. “You’ll find out who it is, and to me a really cool aspect of this show is what it means getting to work with that person.”

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning TV questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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