‘The Good Wife’ Season Premiere Recap: Love Comes Calling

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife,‘ a drama about people who are north of 40, ended on a cliffhanger worthy of a teen soap opera.  Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) boss Will (Josh Charles), who had pined for her since law school, called to profess his feelings as Alicia prepared to join her husband, Peter (Chris Noth), at a press conference.

The season premiere begins where the finale left off. Will calls back as Alicia joins Peter onstage.  Eli (Alan Cumming) snatches her cell phone.  Will leaves a message as he sees Alicia with Peter on TV.  He says she’s right.  He doesn’t have a plan and they need to drop the whole thing.  Then he calls back and says, “I love you. .. I’ll meet you anywhere and we’ll make a plan. If none of this makes sense to you, just ignore it.”  That was the most swoonworthy speech ever uttered on CBS primetime.

Eli agrees. He deletes the second voicemail, leaving Alicia to think that Will does not want to be with her.  It’s too bad Alicia is not tech savvy enough to have a program like Google Voice which would have sent a transcript of his message to her e-mail.  Actually, it probably would have said something like, “I cove juice.  We’ll make clams.”  But she would have known he sent a second message and talked to him about it.  Instead, they are torn apart indefinitely over what would be a ‘Days of Our Lives‘ plot twist if it were not so true to Eli’s character.

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A Colorado politician confesses to having an affair, refocusing the media’s attention on Peter and Alicia’s relationship. Eli warns her to watch out for trackers — people who are not officially affiliated with Childs’ (Titus Welliver) campaign that are trying to dig up dirt on Peter. Will and Alicia are barely speaking to each other since each one feels rejected.

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The law firm merger is in progress.  A new partner, Derek (‘Flash Forward’s‘ Michael Ealy) has moved from the D.C. office.  Will and Diane (Christine Baranski) are suspicious of his agenda which includes redesigning the office space and instituting a peer review program for associates.

In the case of the week, Alicia is assigned to work with an accused murderer who insists on representing himself.  He is the co-owner of a website that is obviously based on Wikileaks. He claims the Pentagon killed his business partner.  When Alicia’s advice gives the defendant a fighting chance at acquittal, the D.A. has Cary (Matt Czuchry) take over the prosecution because of his knowledge of Alicia’s methods.

Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) discovers that Derek’s P.I., Blake (‘Friday Night Lights‘ Scott Porter) is already working on Alicia’s case.  She is threatened that someone else is stepping on her turf.  Kalinda finds the paranoid woman who gave the site classified video.  At Will’s suggestion, Alicia uses the woman’s determination to plead the fifth to imply that she was having an affair with the victim.  Peter watches as Alicia refuses to back down even when the judge threatens to hold her in contempt.

Apparently, Peter has sexual fantasies involving courtroom shenanigans because he puts the moves on her while she is cleaning the bathroom mirror.  Her response is tentative until Peter moves off camera.  As previously hinted, I do believe that CBS just let the show imply that Peter took a trip downtown.  Maybe they’ll let Kalinda kiss a woman soon.

Eli forges a terrifying alliance with Jackie (Mary Beth Peil).  At Jackie’s garden party, a tracker gets to Grace (Mackenzie Vega), grilling her about Alicia and Peter’s sex life while a college student with a flip camera hovers. That’s low.

Blake learns the police found the murder weapon with the defendant’s prints all over it.  Alicia rests the case, forcing Cary to wing a closing statement.  The D.A.’s office offers a 5 year sentence while the jury is deliberating. Alicia persuades the defendant to take it. Derek tells Alicia he’s her new mentor. It’s mysterious.

‘The Good Wife’ upped the ante in this premiere, with Eli’s machinations tearing Will and Alicia apart, Alicia growing closer to Peter, the merger putting everyone on edge, and the addition of two hot, interesting new characters.

Grade: A

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