‘Pretty Little Liars’ Pretty Twisty Pic: Could Ali Be Alive?

'Pretty Little' Spencer and Hanna appear to have gotten a peek at the midseason premiere (ABC Family)

'Pretty Little' Spencer and Hanna appear to have gotten a peek at the midseason premiere (ABC Family)

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ scene shot at right is a rather accurate depiction of the reaction of the Fancast staff when we got handed a shocking photo from the  mid-season premiere, airing in January 2011.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Tell The Truth About The Midseason Finale

Take a look at the jaw-dropping new scene shot for yourself, below.

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Hanna (played by Ashley Benson), who got into a terrible accident at the end of the ABC Family hit’s summer finale, is in a hospital room, seemingly somewat worse for the wear – though still looking radiant.

Ali (Sasha Pieterse) is seated at her bedside, dressed as a candy striper.


Wait, what?

Ali aka “A.” is definitively dead.  Her body was found.  A funeral was held.  A memorial was built.  Some tears were shed. So, what is going on?!  Here are our best guesses.

  • * This is Hanna’s dream or a painkiller-induced hallucination.  She has always been the most insecure of the girls, so it would make sense that she would imagine Ali taunting her.
  • * This is a flashback to another time that Hanna was in the hospital and Ali came to visit her.
  • * Ali has risen from the dead and is now a zombie who is impersonating a candystriper so she can eat Hanna’s brain.
  • * Ali had a long-lost identical twin.  Either her twin is who really died, or that’s who is at Hanna’s bedside.
  • * Ali actually is alive.  She found a runaway that looked like her, murdered her, and paid off the coroner to declare that the corpse was, in fact. Ali.  Then she commenced her campaign of terror.
  • * Wren is not just a medical student.  He’s a mad scientist.  He raised Ali from the dead in an attempt to win Spencer back.
  • * Hanna is the first owner of the iPhone 5 which has a “talk to your dead friend” app.
  • * Mona has disguised herself as Ali just to screw with Hanna.  It’s what she deserves for ruining Camp Mona.
  • * Hanna is actually at Division.  She, like Ali, has been recruited to join a team of government assassins.  The details will be explained in a crossover episode of ‘Nikita’.
  • * Hanna is dead and crossing over to the other side.  Ali is her guardian angel.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ will be back with new episodes in January.   Us? We are not sure we can wait that long.

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