Private Practice-Grey’s Crossover Preview: Derek’s Sis Does Seattle!

'Private Practice's Caterina Scorsone previews Amelia Shepherd's visit to 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

'Private Practice's Caterina Scorsone previews Amelia Shepherd's visit to 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

This week on ABC’s ‘Private Practice‘ (Thursdays at 10/9c), Dr. Amelia Shepherd – aka the estranged sister of ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s Derek (played by Patrick Dempsey) – hears from Addison a flurry of arguments in favor of her paying her recently shot sibling a visit in Seattle. But how does Ad manage to facilitate this face-to-face? And while the eventual reunion will serve up some shocking revelations about the Shepherd fam, will it also pave way for reconciliation?

Newly promoted ‘Private Practice’ regular Caterina Scorsone previews Amelia’s difficult journey and what might happen when she hits ‘Grey’s’ next week.

For ‘Grey’s’ fans who might not have seen you yet on ‘Private Practice,’ what three words would you use to sum up Amelia?
Wild card… Black sheep… and lovable. [Laughs]

Last week, we saw Amelia resist the suggestion that she reach out to Derek. Explain why that is.
Derek and Amelia witnessed a tragedy when they were young – the murder of their father – and they dealt with it in very different ways. Amelia went a darker route than Derek, and developed a drug problem and became quite wayward. And in the course of dealing with the tragedy in their various ways, Amelia did some things that Derek did not appreciate, so there was a rift – and they have not been speaking for a few years.

Do we know everything about what she did to create that rift?
All we know on ‘Private Practice’ so far is that she had a prescription drug problem, and that she was in a very dark place and OD’d at one point. But in the ‘Grey’s’ crossover (airing Oct. 7), we’ll find out a lot more about what happened and why they feel so contentious with each other. We’ll also find out a lot of backstory about their dad, as well.

But first we need to get Amelia to Seattle. How does Addison finally convince her?
Well… [Laughs]… She doesn’t let up. Amelia, as much as she’s got this tough façade, is quite heartbroken about her brother. She really does love him a lot and in her way is quite remorseful about what she’s done in the past. I think Addison recognizes that, based on her [past] relationship with Derek. I don’t want to give anything away, but she presents Amelia with all the reasons why there is no other option.

On the Oct. 7 'Grey's Anatomy,' Derek gets a visit from his sister Amelia (ABC)

On the Oct. 7 'Grey's Anatomy,' Derek gets a visit from his sister Amelia (ABC)

Turning to other ‘Private Practice’ matters, I hear we’ll be hinting at an Amelia/Sheldon hook-up.
Well, yeah…. I’m not sure how far in that direction they’ll go, but there are some seeds planted.

But it’s nothing terribly romantic.
No, it’s more in line with a booty call. Amelia is a woman of great appetite, in all directions. She hit her drugs hard, she hits her liquor hard, she hits her booty calls hard….

Why does she pick Sheldon for this booty call?
Well… she finds out some very “interesting” information about him.

I catch your drift. Will there be any new developments in Amelia’s relationships with the other doctors?
Amelia has history with Addison, obviously, and Sam, and Naomi…. But hanging out in L.A., she’s now coming to know Cooper and Charlotte a bit, Violet, and of course Sheldon. The Charlotte/Amelia relationship is beginning to develop really beautifully. It’s a slow burn, but they seem to be developing a mutual appreciation society.

Which is interesting, because Charlotte doesn’t like many people.
But Amelia isn’t a very regular type person. She’s got her prickly side, just like Charlotte does!

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