Another ‘Bachelor’ Couple Tying the Knot? What The…?!

Ex-'Bachelor' Contestant's John Presser and Tara Durr (Photo: Us Weekly)

Ex-'Bachelor' Contestant's John Presser and Tara Durr (Photo: Us Weekly)

Considering the recent wedding bells and various engagements that have been popping outta the woodwork from the ‘Bachelor‘ clan, it looks like there is nuptialized love to be had on the ABC dating show … only the trick seems to be you’ve got to be a reject contestant first!

Case and point: Us Weekly brings the momentous news that Tara Durr (‘The Bachelor,’ Season 6) will be tying the knot with John Presser (‘The Bachelorette,’ Season 6) in St. Augustine, Florida, on November 6th! (666? Is that a sign?)

Never mind that they’ve arranged their romance around Satan’s number or that you have no freakin’ idea whom these people are! What matters is that these former ‘Bachelor’/’Bachelorette’ contestants are actually walking down the aisle—and while they may have been a couple of nobodies on their respective shows, the lovely twosome are definitely somebodies, as indicated by the zillion friends and family members who are going to their wedding!

“He has a large family and I have a lot of friends I’ve stayed in contact with over the years,” Durr, 29, says of the 600 guests they’ve invited.

So wherever did their love connection start? A ‘Bachelor’/’Bachelorette’ orgy reunion, of course! Durr met Presser, 30, at a get-together in California’s Napa Valley last year, and he presented a sparkly to her in February.

“We were actually the first ‘Bachelor’ reunion couple to get engaged but Jesse [Csinscak] beat us to the altar!” Durr exclaims. (If you can recall, Csinscak met his wife-to-be Ann Leuders at a reunion and the two got hitched in Las Vegas last month.)

Although Durr and Presser are currently in a long-distance relationship (she works as a realtor in Florida, he works as a pharmaceutical marketer in Connecticut), the pair will make their new nest in Durr’s hometown of St. Augustine.

So now that you’re seeing a pattern of ‘Bachelor’ peeps jumping over broomsticks, is it reviving your faith in the show? Sound off!

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