‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Remember This – A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss

For most of us, a kiss is just a kiss, but in the polygamist household seen on ‘Sister Wives,’ TLC’s eye-opening series about a real-life polygamist’s family, a simple kiss means a whole lot more.

As this clip previewing this Sunday’s new episode (10 p.m./9c on TLC) reveals, a kiss between husband and wife, or between a husband-to-be and his prospective fourth sister wife, is such a serious act that it’s on par with taking the marriage vows themselves.

In the clip, wife Christine – one of three wives then betrothed to man-of-the-house Kody Brown – tells how devastated she was when she heard that new sister wife-to-be Robyn had exchanged a kiss with Kody before they were married.  To Christine, it was as if Robyn and Kody had cheated on his three wives and she was deeply hurt.

When she hears what Christine has to say, Robyn cries.

It’s all part of the fascinating world of ‘Sister Wives,’ a lifestyle that’s not only controversial, it’s also illegal, although local authorities tend to tread lightly in pursuing polygamy cases.  However, with the Brown family of Lehi, Utah, putting their family life on display on national TV, authorities there felt they had no choice but to begin an investigation to see if the husband and his wives (fiancée Robyn has since married into the family to become Kody Brown’s official fourth wife) should be charged with bigamy, a felony in Utah.

‘Sister Wives’ Stars Investigated; Felony Charges Possible

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