‘90210’s Jessica Lowndes: ‘There’s Going To Be A Lot More Twists’

Jessica Lowndes (CW)

Jessica Lowndes (CW)

90210‘ has quietly evolved into one of television’s best guilty pleasures.  No longer a dull tale about innocent Kansans attempting to cling to their values in big, bad Beverly Hills, it now delivers scandal, glamour and bitchy bon mots.  Adrianna, played by Jessica Lowndes, is one of the major reasons why the show is so much fun.  The teen starlet has already been to rehab, gave a baby up for adoption, and dated a lesbian.  Now she has moved onto stealing a dead pop star’s songs. Lowndes revealed how her life parallels her character’s, and how far Adrianna will go for fame.

‘90210’ has really upped the ante this season.  It’s ten times more dramatic.
It’s definitely a very dramatic season and I can’t wait for everybody to see it.  We have an amazing team of writers and every week we do a table read and we’re just looking at each other like, “Is this really happening?” I’m kind of amazed because I didn’t think there could be any more drama, especially my character, because I feel like I’ve gone through so much already.  It’s constantly fun and challenging and I feel like the episodes have been coming together so well.  Even watching the episodes, I’m dying to see what happens even though I know what happens.

Adrianna stole Javier’s song and passed it off as her own.  His uncle already figured it out.  What are the consequences going to be?
Now that there’s a recording of Javier singing the actual song, that will definitely be something that is hung over Adrianna’s head.  But because of the success of the song, this has definitely thrown her into a whole new ball game.  She’s thrown into this life of fame.  It’s definitely something that’s going to wear on her emotions and change her a little bit.

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Adrianna’s going to have some scenes with Joe Jonas in an upcoming episode.  What was it like working with a real teen pop star?
It was so fun to work with him.  He’s such a sweetheart.  He did a really, really good job.  That just goes with the lifestyle.  It’s showing you a whole different side to Adrianna’s life.  She drops out of high school and she’s pursuing her music career and she’s also got this huge secret that she’s hiding.

You write a lot of the songs that Adrianna sings.  Do you specifically write them for her?
I wrote two songs last season but there’s this other girl who works with us.  She ended up writing the song Adrianna sings at Javier’s funeral.  She did a terrific job.  I have been recording an album.  It’s definitely something I can truly relate to. It’s kind of crazy.  Over hiatus it was a little bit of life imitating art because I collaborated with this UK hip hop artist named Ironic.  It was the exact same Javier storyline.  It was so creepy and weird and awesome all at the same time.  They asked me if I would want to write and be featured on his track and the next thing you know it’s gotten over half a million views on Youtube.

You two better not get in a car together, if life is imitating the show.
When we shot the music video there was actually a limo in the video and I was like, “The two of us aren’t getting in.  We just can’t.”

How will Adrianna react when she finds out that Teddy, her first love, is gay?
I think Adrianna is very openminded and learned a lot through her experience with Gia.  She became less judgmental and realized that sexuality isn’t just measured on a spectrum.  It comes down to who you’re connected with.  I think she’s  just going to be really understanding out of everyone because she’s gone through it herself.  She knows what it was like having to come out and tell people and have mixed reactions.  I’m really, really excited for this storyline and I think Trevor [Donovan] is doing such a great job.  He’s really taking it seriously which I think is important because it’s a story that needs to be told.  You’re going to see so many different emotions he’s going through as he’s battling it but it’s really who he is and he’s going to come to terms with that.  It’s a beautiful thing.

What about Adrianna?  Is she going to make things work with Navid?
I don’t feel like anyone can ever compete with the history the two of them have.  They’ve been together through thick and thin but definitely with this new lifestyle and with Victor, Javier’s uncle/manager there’s a lot of drama to be had.  That definitely changes somebody.  Navid is now this big shot.  It’s senior year.  It’s going to be very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who’s not in high school.  He’s going to be going through some really big changes so it will be interesting to see.

What other shocking plots will happen this season?
There’s going to be a lot more twists with Jen and with Charlie, Annie’s new boytoy, there’s definitely a big twist. There’s a huge twist with Mr. Cannon and Silver.

The show has changed so much since the first season. Why has it improved so much?
We had a new showrunner [Rebecca Sinclair] come on and she did a really great job of character development.  She brought us all in for a meeting and sat us down and talked about our characters. This season we learned a lot about where we were going to go.  I think that’s really important.

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