Rush Limbaugh Moves In on ‘Family Guy’

Rush Limbaugh Takes a Seat at the 'Family Guy' Table (Photo: Fox)

Rush Limbaugh Takes a Seat at the 'Family Guy' Table (Photo: Fox)

The ‘Family Guy‘ got a ‘rush’ from a special guest on Sunday night’s episode–well, at least from the cartoon version of Rush Limbaugh–in a storyline involving the conservative radio host.

Seth MacFarlane’s animated series has taken on Limbaugh before, asserting that the right-winger was merely a fictional creation made up by Fred Savage. This time, however, Limbaugh appears to be slightly more real as he turns to brainwashing Brian.

‘Family Guy’s’ star dog is known for his liberal points of view, so it seemed somewhat shocking to watch as Brian flip-flopped between hating Limbaugh and becoming an extreme devotee after reading a conservative book.

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“I’ve never actually read any of Rush Limbaugh’s stuff but this book makes an excellent case for personal accountability, physical responsibility, and steak eatership,” Brian asserts to Lois after she confronts him over his irrational behavior.

Brian spends the episode fawning over Limbaugh, and even goes so far as to move in with him following a disagreement with the Griffins. Things got really wacky during a musical number in which Brian and Limbaugh dream up a Republican world — and it’s during this segment that Limbaugh tells Lois she is “sounding like a Jew” for believing in global warming. The timing of that knock seems ironic; looks like Rick Sanchez isn’t the only one taking aim at Jewish people over the air.

In true half-hour television fashion, things return to normal by episode’s end, with Brian realizing his faulty ways and calling Limbaugh out for his hypocrisy. This time, instead of pulling off a mask and revealing a D-list celebrity underneath, Limbaugh morphs into a bald eagle and flies off into the sunset.

Watch the Rush Limbaugh Episode of ‘Family Guy’ Below:

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